Creating a vision board, with some key Law of Attraction strategies, can be a strong tool in defining what you want. For those who are unfamiliar with what a vision board is, it’s a board, say a poster board, that is decorated with words and images, usually cut out from magazines, that define what you personally are looking for in life at that time. Not sure “why” you should create a vision board in the first place? Check out my article “3 Benefits of Creating a Vision Board This Year” first!

The rules are very elastic. For instance, it doesn’t have to be a poster board, it could be a cork board, a sketchbook, or even (As I have seen) the wall.

The images don’t have to come from magazines, some people draw, write, or find pictures on the internet.The one variable that is not adjustable is your personal connection. You must be connected to it personally or this vision board will mean nothing to you.


Step 1: Find Your Intentions

Before you grab your board, magazines, and glue (Maybe some markers), sit with yourself, find your intentions. 

The word intentions is another way of saying your “why”. And, knowing why you want something is a critical step when you using the Law of Attraction to a draw in all that you desire.  So definitely DO NOT skip this step. Without it setting intentions your vision board will not have the manifesting power that it needs to turn your dreams into real life. 

If you know what you want, great! Pull out your magazines and get to work!

If you don’t, that’s okay. You will. And I’ll show you how in Step 3. Looking to create a digital Vision Board instead? Check out My Youtube Tutorial Here!

Step 2: Grab Your Materials

Grab your board, sketchbook, whatever you’re using as your “board.” Grab some glue. I use a glue stick, but I admit there are better products out there that keep the image pasted on the board for a longer amount of time. Most of all, a ton of magazines.

Hint: If you know you want a house, pick up a new home magazine. If you know you want to travel, pick up a travel magazine.

Not really sure what you want? Start with these type of magazines too! You never know. When you pick up magazines that are all the same type, say music magazines, you’ll probably run into the same images and advertisements limiting your pictures.

Step 3: Cut Out Images

Grab magazines and start cutting and tearing away images, quotes and words. I want you to be intentional with the words you use. Select words that describe how you want to feel by receiving the things you place on your vision board. In addition to choosing words or phrases that describe how you feel, I want you to choose pictures and words that also detail how you can be IN ACTION to work towards manifesting your goals. If this sounds a bit confusing, don’t worry! I cover this in more depth in my Youtube tutorial. Check it out here!

So now that you are busy cutting out pictures and quotes…know that some people will prefer to draw images. That works too!

Others might even go on web to search for their perfect image. I warn about this route, as I find this way a bit time-consuming for two reasons. (One) You’re susceptible to get thrown off track, losing time. (Two) You can drop into the rabbit hole of

images, never deciding on just one.

If you don’t know what your intentions are simply start scrolling through magazines and cut out any picture or words that vibe with you. Don’t necessarily ask why at this junction, just keep scanning through the magazines and tearing away.

vision board

Step 4: Outline Your Board

Don’t glue your images onto your vision board just yet!

Outline your board like you’re making a blueprint. What goes where? Do I have enough space to fit all my images? Start to plan out your board to see how all the images fit.

Spread out your images and words, and see if there is an underlying theme. This is a vital step especially if you don’t know what you want. More on this in a few paragraphs.

You might have very similar images that you want on the vision board but not enough room. Since you have not glued any images on yet, you can dwindle down to just one image that represents that want.

Another popular pattern is to put your themes in the same area of your board. An example is your dream house images and everything with it goes in the bottom left corner. Your dream vacation images go in the bottom right. So forth. However you want to organize it, there is no wrong way.

Underlying theme for those figuring out their goals – Perhaps you have a ton of images of houses/cabins by a lake with a mountain in the background with a dog roaming around that you cut out. This strong image seems to really talk to you. This may be what you want and it should go on your vision board. 

Step 5: Themes (Optional)

To expand on theme – There are options to vision boards that add a little motivation. For instance, you can put all your wants on the left-hand side of the board, leaving your right side blank. Once you have achieved that goal, you take that specificimage on the left-hand side and move it to the right-hand side. This works better on cork board where you use thumbtacks

vision board

rather than gluing it on. Some use velcro. It’s another great motivational tool to show your progress.

It’s up to you. It’s your board. And as I said, all the rules are very elastic, except the rule of personal connection. Stay creative!

Step 6: Time to Glue!

Glue it on! … Or Thumbtack it… Or Velcro… Or Draw… Whatever route you’re using, it’s time to make this vision board permanent!

Step 7: Put It Somewhere Easily Seen

Now that your vision board is done! Make sure you put it somewhere where you can see it daily! Maybe it’s right above your workspace. Your bathroom? The refrigerator? Anywhere you delight as long as it’s easily viewed daily.

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vision board

Side Notes:


Goals are not goals if there are not time stamps put to them. Create a realistic date you can reach your vision board goals. Maybe you know for sure you can’t be debt free in sixmonths, but can you be 10% more debt free in six months? Setting you up to be debt free in two years, which is the ultimate goal. This isadding the small wins into your big win!

Also, most vision boards are made around

time. The most popular time to do a vision board is New Years. Why? Because that’s the vision for that year. You’re automatically connecting that vision to be done by next year this time.

Another popular date is your birthday. You can do a vision board whenever you please, just make sure you add a time stamp to it.


More on Theme

You can have different vision boards for different parts of your life. Instead of doing one general vision board of your life, do several in a more focused route.

Or maybe you just want to focus on one aspect of your life. For instance, your work. You can make a vision board on all the nuances you want out of your work. Perhaps a new promotion, higher pay, new office, higher sales, expanding, a new desk, etc. all these goals can have some powerful images connected to them.

Name Your Board

This is optional, but I like to name my boards. I will cut out letters or find a theme, like a quote, that motivates me and paste smack dab in the middle of the board. For instance, one year cutting out of magazines I found the perfect quote! “Make it your best year ever!” Boom! No-brainer to me. Cut that baby out!

Honestly, I still have that exact same quote. It’s a reminder that I can make every year better than last.

My brother one time wanted to get more fit and ripped. So, he named his vision board “Operation Rocky” with a picture of, you guessed it, Sylvester Stallone as Rocky.

Have fun with it!


Vision boards are a fun, creative activity that are powerful tools to be used to motivate and personalize your goals. Use it! Add themes, words, motivating quotes, images, drawings, whatever you wish to help connect yourself to the board. Remember to always to add a time to your goal. Most importantly, make it your own.  What are you most excited to put on your board? Share below!

Want to create a digital vision board? I use and recommend Canva to create digital Vision Boards. It is my absolute favorite and  GO TO Software for all my online graphic needs! Get Access to Canva Here.

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