So, CAN YOU manifesting happiness or success, or even manifest a better mood using Manifestation techniques? 

After you’re done reading this quick blog you’ll know the answer.

Manifesting has become popular, mainstream I would even say, amongst celebrities, go-getters and even your neighbors.

Some have taken manifestation into the wrong direction. We say you can manifest money, a promotion, a new house…want a vacation?

Manifest it! It’s true!

You can manifest, ask the universe, put your positive thoughts to the omnipotent, the omniscient and results will come to you. If, that’s a big IF, you manifest correctly.

Some have taken manifestation to the likes of “Well, if I can manifest 10,000 dollars than I can manifest happiness!” And you’re wrong. But you’re also right.

First, I want you to understand Happiness is a state of being, not something tangible that you acquire. And, that kinda goes hand in hand with a person’s mood. Success, in addition, is different depending upon who is defining it. While one person might see success as a fancy house, and 6,7, or 8 figures in their bank account. Another person might define it as health, love, and family. 

So take a moment and write down, what is success to you? What does happiness look like to you?

If you can’t answer those questions then how will you know when you have achieved it?

Can You Manifest Happiness

Manifest Your Mood

Ok, I am about to burst your gigantic bubble…

You can’t manifest your mood. You can’t. Stop trying. Right now.

Understand that manifesting IS powerful, but YOU ARE human. To be human means to have feelings and moods.

I’m sure even the Dali Lama has his days when he wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. Or floor… I think he sleeps on the floor. I don’t know. Point is, even he, as powerfully balanced and centered he is, has his days.

I’ve never spoken to him, I know nothing about him except from the words I have read on him. But I know he is human. And humans have feelings and moods.

Bad moods, tempers, frustration, anger, even hate will come your way and there is nothing you can do to stop it. You can learn to live with it; To combat and soothe it when it comes – To gain patience so that particular feeling bothers you like a gnat to an elephant, almost non-existing.

You see, you can’t manifest the human nature out of you. You can manifest in the physical world your ideas that are created in the spiritual world. Some examples? Say a crazy idea to a published book – A dream of snow and hot chocolate to being on vacation in Steamboat Springs – A place to call home to an actual house that’s owned by you. These are tangible things you can manifest in the physical world.

But you can not manifest non-measurable items, such as your happiness. But wait! I said you could! And here’s how…in a way.

Manifest Happiness

The decision to be happy, to think positive, to let go of negative thoughts, to stop self-deprecating, all of it leads to better, fulfilling life of happiness.

When you constantly think of the glass half full, you will start to see all opportunities, patterns in life, thoughts, dilemmas with the silver lining.

It’s opposite with the glass half empty…you’ll see all problems, as just that – a problem. A persistent headache that will never go away.

The more positive your thoughts, the more positive your outlook. The more positive your outlook, the more positive evidence you will CHOOSE to see in your everyday life. Happiness is a choice. You can choose to sit, wallow and be the victim. Or, you can choose to stand-up, push forward, and be your own hero.

Which is exactly what manifesting teaches you. Manifesting helps you break down your negative (Low Vibration) thoughts and lets your positive (High Vibration) thoughts break free.

Because if your manifesting correctly, then you’re getting that bonus check, or new shoes, or that final receipt from paying off all your debt. You can’t accomplish any of this with low vibration thoughts. All your manifesting achievements in turn bring happiness with every fulfilled goal. So, the act of pursuing your manifestation practice brings happiness. 

The sheer practice of manifestation requires you to participate in practices that include affirmations, journaling, meditation, hypnosis, reading positive self help books, creating a space that is open and ALWAYS ready to receive. These practices help you to raise your vibration and get really clear on what you TRULY WANT. Meaning you aren’t just asking for a Ferrari because it sounds cool. You ask for that which you truly desire and dig deep to uncover why you want it. 

So can you manifest happiness? I’m not sure there is a right or wrong answer to this. The practice of manifestation bring about positive mindset changes and requires you make those changes habitual in order to truly call in that which you desire most. 


Don’t try to manifest your happiness, you’ll be a dog chasing his tail. BUT…this is actually a much more. complicated answer than yes, or no. So I will leave you with this thought…work on your manifestation practice which helps break down your negative thinking patterns and allows your positive thoughts to break free. The more positive thoughts you have, the more you will choose to be positive, bringing you more light and happiness in your life!

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