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When you think of the word “healing” what comes to mind?

Perhaps thoughts of going to the doctor and getting a prescription or treatment for your physical  ailment. Maybe you imagine sitting a therapists office, laying on a sofa, talking about your childhood trauma and adult size problems. 

I’ll admit for most of my life, I had the same images that popped into my head. 

I mean healing is for the body, right?

Mmmm…Nope! Not this kind.


Okay, so sure you broke a bone and you need to go to the hospital and see an orthopedist who does surgery, or casts it, so it can heal.

But, did you know that most physical ailments are merely the last signs that you soul sends out to get your attention.

The diabetes you just got diagnosed with, or perhaps even liver cancer, is actually your energetic spirit saying, “HELLO…WE GOT A LOT OF SHIT GOING ON OVER HERE THAT NEEDS YOUR ATTENTION!”

I’m sure there were a plethora of signs prior to you getting sick. Were you sad, depressed, anxious, angry, overwhelmed, stressed, jittery,? Were you in a pattern of talking down to yourself about how crappy of a person you are, you aren’t good enough, and never will be? Has your life seemed like a serious of unfortunate events that just won’t stop happening!

Yep. No signs here…Gosh, I wonder why you got sick (yep, that was sarcasm). 

Listen, we have all been there. Some people just need more of a wake-up call than others. 

So when I talk about healing, I’m talking about the root cause. I’m talking about healing your energetic field, your spirit, your chakras. 

If your energy field is wack your physical body will suffer.  So you can put a bandaid on that thing, or you can actually fix the real problem. And, as a medical professional myself, I hate to tell you this kind of healing doesn’t come a clinic, a hospital, an operating room…only you can do this kind of healing.

Having suffered for decades with depression, anxiety, stomach issues, throat issues, migraines, asthma, allergies, I know a thing or two about suffering with both mental and physical ailments. I did the pills. I did the therapy. I did the change in diet. But nothing worked until I started focusing on me (not my body, not my feelings, not my emotions)…ME!!!

This is why I love doing healing sessions for others. It’s powerful, its profound, and quite literally it can change your life!


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