Guiding Spiritually Curious Individuals to Manifest a Dream Worthy Life


How to become energetically aligned to all that you desire in less than 10 minutes without having to journal , say affirmations, or set intentions

Our bodies remember every single one of our life experiences–happy experiences like the exhilaration of riding a roller coaster, or the butterflys of a first kiss. However, they also remember the more painful times – the feeling of being rejected, the trauma of an emotionally scaring event, grief over the loss of a loved one.

The vibration of these emotions then becomes embedded into our bodies and woven into our muscles, joints, and organs. These blocked feelings of guilt, shame, pain, and fear become the tensions in our bodies, the illnesses and diseases we don’t understand. Releasing blocking energy is an essential and vital part to cultivating good health.

Take my hand during this ~8 minute guided meditation session where I will guide you to a place of harmony, balance, and clarity. Thus, preparing your vessel to FINALLY be open to receiving all that you desire. 

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About Wendy Louise

Wendy is an Anesthesia Provider, a Medical Intuitive, and an Advanced Certified Ho’oponopono Practicioner. 

Meditation has always been a practice that she leans on to reconnect, release, and feel whole. 

After spending decades on a path to self-discovery with zero results she finally realized the answers are not “out there”. They’re within. No matter what answers you seek, focus on breaking down the barriers within you that will inevitably give way to all your divine questions. 


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