How to Heal Others by Healing Yourself This Year

wendy louise gerhardt

How to Heal Others by Healing Yourself This Year

Ghandi once said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Have you practiced this? When was the last time you looked in the mirror? Answered those hard to answer questions?

Perhaps you’re looking from change and you find yourself wanting change from others. Wanting change to be catered to you.

So you can do nothing but be the center of the universe.

You’re looking to heal, which is why you’re reading this article, 


wendy louise gerhardt

but healing does not come from the outside. 

Healing does not come from fixing others or external circumstances.

Healing is an inside job. In order to heal others, you must first learn to heal yourself. Of course, this is easier said than done.

So then the real question we must ask is not “why”, but rather “how” do we heal ourselves?”

We are all spiritual beings that are pure energy, interconnected and inseparable from each other and the entire Universe. We are one. The sooner you come to embrace this concept the easier it will be for you allow personal healing and growth to guide your path.

Emotions are energy in motion, and are the end product of an experience that you “feel”.

When an experience occurs, good or bad, your eyes, ears, and body take in the tactile and neuro-sensory information surrounding the experience and sends this information to the brain. 

The brain then processes that event and the limbic system sends a signal to the hypothalamus. The Hypothalamus then releases a hormone into the body to trigger and stimulate the release of neurochemical hormones fromsynaptic clefts located throughout the body.

This one experience produces a cascade effect. But, what do these neurochemical hormones do?

They cause a physiological response that we associate with an emotion:

happiness, sadness, anger, disgust…

They cause:


…this is our fight or flight response system.

When an experience creates emotion that lasts for an extended period of time the body becomes addicted to this neuro-chemical hormone response. You begin to crave the sadness, anger, or disgust. You begin to attach this experience that has created an emotional wound with your identity. You no longer know how to function in day-to-day life without the feelings attached to this experience.

“Different emotions often correlate to the different types of relationships we have in our lives, which are based on how we experience, or have experienced, a person.

As an example, if you are needy, then you may have relationships that are based on need, dependency, or lack. Because different relationships are based on different emotions, you may also have a relationship with your ex based on resentment or anger, your boss based on fear or unworthiness, or your mother based on guilt or suffering (Joe Dispenza).”

On the contrary, if you have relationships grounded in love, the more profound the love the more attention and energy you give that person. Emotions such as gratitude, joy, and freedom are no different. Positive, uplifting emotions allow us to energetically connect with others. Unlike negative emotions, these emotions are often mutually shared during an experience and allow us to further connect and bond instead of drawing in feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Your heart center is what connects you energetically to others and the universe.

When you begin to open your heart, shift your thoughts, and feel elevated emotions you become a magnet that is connected to the unified field. Your heart is the space where matter and spirit become one. This is the place where wholeness starts and our divinity begins.

Your heart aches to be whole, and free. When you connect to the universe through this gateway your thoughts become coherent, you begin to feel less anxious, less judgmental, less critical, and less polarized. The result is we begin to see life through a different lens.

These new emotions generate a new vibrational frequency that provides opportunity to manifest all that lies within the zone of higher frequencies. For example, when a person elevates their energy and starts laying down the thoughts of health or wealth, those thoughts can be transmitted on that frequency. However, those same thoughts could never be carried on the frequencies created by theemotions of suffering and lack.

Different frequencies are created and supported by different sets of thoughts and emotions and thus have differing capabilities in regards to information transfer. Like attracts like. And similarly in regards to frequencies, like supports like. At the end of the day, what this tells us is that elevating your emotional state can quite literally change how you relate to yourself and to others in your life.  When you have relationships in your life based off of lower level emotions these relationships serve the purpose of reaffirming your addiction to these states of being. When you change your thoughts, and produce a new energy, you’ll no longer be a vibrational match to the relationships that no longer serve your higher purpose.

As you begin to change your energy and broadcast a new frequency into the universe and attract new relationships built on love and joy it’s possible that those shared and bonded emotions can in turn affect another persons autonomic nervous system.

The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world."

Be the Example

When you are high vibe you attract those that want to be around you, and are drawn to your frequency. You might find that even those who are stuck in low vibrational states see the changes you have made. And, they will see the positive outcomes that have come forth and it will likely inspire them to seek the same outcomes for themselves

From Lack to Love

When you approach life from a place of suffering and anger it’s easy to assign blame to others for the unhappiness you feel, and can be difficult to see things from any other perspective than your own. These individuals are easy to spot. Often they are quick tempered, sharp with their words, and easily agitated.

Do you know anyone in your life that fits in this category?

Perhaps a mother, father, sister, son, daughter, husband, wife…or yourself.

Sometimes it’s not just the people we choose to be in our life, but the people that are supposed to be our biggest form of love and support that are stuck in a state of suffering. How has your relationship with this person been altered? Or how do you feel as though your relationships have suffered as result of your perspective on life?

Imagine if it were all to shift and change? What if those feelings of lack and suffering were replaced with love, joy, hope and compassion. How do you think it would affect the people in their life/your life?

Be the Change You Wish to See

You see change starts with you. Healing starts with you. Just as it’s wrong to unfairly blame others for your misfortune, it’s wrong to believe you change others without first changing yourself.

The next time you’re feeling hurt, angry, wounded of any kind, or even feeling joy, happiness, positive emotions of any kind,ask “why” but most importantly ask “how” you got here. Learn from it. Implement the change in you and watch the world change around you.

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