How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Accelerate Wealth

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How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Accelerate Wealth

Who wouldn’t want to, if given the opportunity, attract more money? Depending on your subconscious thoughts around the topic of money, you might be surprised that a percentage of the population might cringe at that idea.

In fact, there is a significant number of people who have a sub-par relationship with money leading to poor financial health and allow a lack mindset to dominate their day-to-day lives.

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Perception is Reality

Money is no different than any other material in our Universe. Money is energy. Think about it this way, money is paper that is printed and given a specific value.

The only reason money holds that perceived value is because we believe it does. We give it power. When you purchase something with money you are exchanging energy for energy. Money has a perceived value, and so does the item, experience, or service that you are trading it for.

Let’s say you go to the mall and find really cute pair of shoes that you want to buy. The shoes cost $100. Those shoes were first designed, then materials were gathered, the shoes were produced, sold to a department store, transported, and then marketed.

In addition to the cost of the resources and energy required to move this product from concept to consumer, the designer and/or brand also impacts the perceived value of this shoe in the marketplace. Clearly the shoes have value and serve a purpose.

On the other hand, the money you spend on buying these shoes also has perceived value depending upon how you earned that money, and how much money is at your disposal.

For someone who makes $10,000,000 a year, a $100 dollar pair of shoes are an insignificant purchase. The value of that money is low, because they do not have a shortage of available money. To someone who works 3 jobs and makes $30,000 a year, buying shoes for $100 is not something they would be willing to entertain. That $100 is extremely valuable and they worked extraordinarily hard to earn it.

The actual value of the $100 is no different regardless of who is holding it. Just because you make millions of dollars a year does not make your $100 worth more than any other $100. A $100 is a $100 dollars (or 5 x $20, or 100 x $1, or 10 x $10) no matter what it is used to buy or who’s hands it is in. See where I am going with that?

Success Starts in The Mind

So why do some people have a perceived value that makes money more valuable to them than to others? Or vice versa?

What if the rich get richer because of their beliefs around money are positive and they view it as an unlimited resource? Whereas, the poor stay stuck in their financial situation because they see money as a limited resource and covet that which they have?

The truth is that financial success starts in the mind and the number one thing holding many people back is their belief system concerning wealth and money.

Leveraging the Law of Attraction is an immensely effective way to rewire your subconscious beliefs about money and allow abundance and prosperity to find its way to you. Below I have outlined some initial steps to start releasing those pesky self-limiting beliefs in order to allow the Law of Attraction to work for you.


1. Identify Your Limiting Beliefs About Money

The Law of Attraction, in and of itself, is not magic. However, use in the right way, magical things can start to happen. Before you can start attracting abundance and wealth, you have to clearly identify the thoughts and behaviors you currently have that are blocking that which you desire. These thoughts and behaviors are called limiting beliefs, and we all have them.

Most of our Limiting beliefs are formed as a child by our parents beliefs. You may recall your parents making statements such as money doesn’t grow on trees, or I’m not made of money-any time you asked for something that your parents thought was financially unreasonable. We’ve internalized these beliefs and accepted them to be true.

Other limiting beliefs are thoughts such as Money is the root of all evil, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, or more money more problems.

Debunking Limiting Beliefs

You can find evidence that any one of these thoughts is false.

Can you think of just one rags to riches story? How about the Shark Tank Moguel, Daymond John, who went from growing up in the projects of NYC to now being worth over $300 Million dollars. Even just one story provides evidence to the contrary of the limiting belief proves the statement is not absolutely true.

And the concept that money does not grow on trees…well paper comes from trees, right? Isn’t money paper that is printed through a machine by the National Treasury?

The statement I’m not made of money is interesting since it makes no sense from a literal stand point. I think we can all agree it means I don’t have endless amounts of money, or money is not easy to come by. Is this true? Or is it only true, because you believe it to be so. If you were challenged to sit down right now and think of 5 different ways to make money, could you do it?

Do you have things you could sell (perhaps Ebay or a garage sale)? Do you have a service you could provide (even if it is outside your normal day-to-day operations)? If you had to, could you exchange labor for money? Clean someones home or office? Mow someones lawn? Wash cars? Do you have a product that others might want? Do you have things you currently spend money on that you could forgo freeing up additional resources that you already have access to?

The point is you have access to money all around you.

People who have a successful relationship with money do not have an emotional attachment to it. It is nothing more than energy or a vehicle to get them from point A to point B.

How emotionally attached are you to money?

Positive Affirmations

Using positive affirmations to release limiting beliefs about money can be immensely effective.

Try standing in front of the mirror for 5 minutes a day and repeat one of the following statements over and over again:

  1. “I’m a money magnet. Everything I touch turns to gold”
  2. “ I attract large amounts of money into my bank account each and every month”
  3. “I am financially secure and make wise decisions about what to do with my money”
  4. “I deserve to have all the wealth and abundance I desire”

It is important to not only say the affirmations, but to really connect with the emotions behind the words. Not only what you say, but what you feel, you will believe. What you believe is what you achieve.

By using positive affirmations to combat limiting beliefs about money, you can develop a mindset concerning money that enables you to leverage the Law of Attraction.

2. Visualize Your Wealth as if You’ve Already Achieved it

According to the Law of Attraction everything is energy, including our thoughts. Things that vibrate at a high frequency attract other things that are high frequency. In contrast, things that vibrate at a low frequency attract other low frequency events, experiences, or outcomes.

Thus, things that you believe on a subconscious level and project into the quantum field will be the things you attract into your life. If you want to attract money, it is important to visualize it as if you already have it.

Visualizing yourself having an abundance of money and wealth, taking lavish vacations, or buying your dream home or car, not only creates a mindset that is more receptive to financial gain, it also enables you to imagine what your life will be like once you have reached your goals. It is said that your mind does not know the difference between that which you believe you already have, and that which you actually already have. Thus, visualization tricks your mind into believing you truly do already have that which you desire allowing your beliefs around money will shift.

Create a Physical Anchor

If you want to create a physical anchor point for your visualizations, try carrying around a hundred dollar bill in your pocket. This may seem insignificant to you, but this simple act can shift your financial perception.

Think about people who carry around a $100 bill, what do think about them? If you are standing in line at checkout and the person in front of you pulls out of their pocket a $100 bill (even if it is not what they are using to pay with), what thought flashes through your mind about them? Hmm…they’ve got money if they are carrying around $100 bills.

What if that person at the check-out line becomes you. Do you think others will perceive the same about you? Will you suddenly carry yourself differently, or try to portray the persona of someone who carries around $100 bills…and thus must have “money”?

Simply doing this can make you feel wealthier. Remember what you “feel” you believe, and what you believe you achieve.

3. The Universe Will Provide You With More

Finally, understand that gratitude is the ultimate state of receiving. What you are grateful for, the Universe will provide you with more of. To be grateful is to acknowledge that something has already happened and you are feeling blessed for its existence in your life. Thus, you could say, that being grateful for something tends to eliminate limiting beliefs, and allows you to be more receptive to new opportunities.

Often you will find that you are most grateful for the things that required the most energy, passion, and perseverance to acquire. Perhaps for you, this is money…or what opportunities money has provided you with. Regardless, be thankful for the money you have, and more will surely come.  Be thankful for every opportunity you get to make more money and more opportunities will surely arise. And be thankful when these opportunities pay off, and your successful endeavors will multiply. 

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