Learn How To Manifest Money In Two Easy Steps

manifesting money

Learn How To Manifest Money In Two Easy Steps

Manifesting money, or better yet, manifesting wealth requires a shift from within. This is not actually as complicated as many think it might be. However, just like a flower first begins as a seed that needs to be planted in soil and receive adequate water and sun to grow, you too will need to allow yourself to grow within this practice.

The reason I use the word practice is because it is just that. To create the shift that is needed to manifest nearly anything in your life, you have to become committed to the process. And the process is constant, evolving, and requires perseverance.

Step One

As I have grown within my meditation and manifestation practice, there is one secret that I have managed to decode that most people aren’t even talking about. I am talking about the frequency of your thoughts. This is not just about whether your thoughts are positive or “high vibe”. This is about the actual energetic amplitude that you are sending out into the Universe.

In the case of wanting to manifest money, your thoughts around the attainment of money, or money in general, carries a certain frequency. When you have the thought, “I am a millionaire,” that thought produces an electrical charge that is then transmitted out into the field. Okay so step one is easy. Right? You have a thought centered around what you desire and just keep thinking that. Well…kinda.

Step Two

Whereas part one sends a message to the Universe about what it is that you want, part two is what actually draws the event in. What is part two? It is the magnetic charge of your emotions surrounding that thought. This plays hand-in-hand with belief, and where those pesky little self-limiting beliefs can get in the way.

Regardless of what thoughts you send out into the field, if the emotions you have attached to them don’t match, you will not draw that event to you. If you say to yourself, “I am wealthy, I am wealthy,” or “ I am a millionaire,” over and over again, but in your heart that statement does not sit with you, you lack heart coherence. If you are stuck in the emotions of lack, frustration, resentment, stress, and fear then your subconscious mind is also stuck in that emotional state.

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What is heart coherence?

We know that in order to draw in the future event which we desire, for example manifesting money, we need to marry a clear intention (coherent mind) with an elevated emotion (coherent heart).

The key is to have your electrical frequency (thoughts) and your magnetic frequency (emotions) match.  This is how you change your energy, and when you change your energy, you change the outcome. Essentially, you change your life. The thoughts send out the vibration and your emotions or feelings draw the event in. You have also heard this referred to as becoming an energetic match. 

“It’s the communion of these two ingredients that begin to produce a clear effect on matter by moving our biology from living in the past to living in the future. Only then can we cease being a victim of circumstance and begin living as a creator of our reality” (Dr. Joe Dispenza).

A State of Gratitude

I can attest to the fact that elevated frequency is something that you can feel in the body and in your heart. The sensation is difficult to put into words but ranges from subtle to fairly intense. Using the power of intention, you can learn to focus your energy, elevate and hold the frequency of your thoughts allowing your heart center to open and shift from feelings of lack and fear to feelings of gratitude, thankfulness, and joy.

Learning how to open your heart in order to feel an elevated emotion is essential to creating mind and heart coherence. When your mind thinks gratitude, and your heart feels gratitude, you reach a state of gratitude. And, when you’re in a state of gratitude, it signifies that something is happening to you, or that something has happened to you. You are in the perfect state for receiving. From this state you will believe, accept, and surrender to an outcome equal to the emotional state of gratitude. In other words, this is the place from which the money you desire moves from a thought to something tangible. You are now manifesting.

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How to Create Mind & Heart Coherence

Alright, you ready to start manifesting money? Wooooo! My hands are definitely in the air.

It doesn’t take much time to become heart centered. However, it does require a consistent (preferably daily) practice.

Simply find a quiet moment within your day to focus on the stillness of your body and your mind. Paying attention to your breath and allowing it to slow and soften. Moving your attention to your heart, notice the rhythm of heart beat. Begin to focus your intention on feeling the emotions of gratitude, joy, happiness, confidence, security, and love. You can also use a meditation to help open your heart center. 

When you learn to cultivate these elevated emotions, and feel the elevated frequency surge throughout the body, you have successfully opened your heart.  When our heart is open, we are more intuitive, more patient, more connected, more present, more forgiving, and more knowing.

In Conclusion

Thus, we can conclude that the way to manifest money is quite literally to raise your vibration, raise the frequency of your thoughts and emotions. Once you learn how to do this, you hold the keys to the Universe.

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