What is Manifestation?

In a time when people are searching for more than a purpose, but their purpose, the term Manifestation has become common place. But what is manifestation? More and more stories are being shared about how someone “manifested” wealth, love, travel, expensive cars, and healing. Inevitably, this inspires others to seek the magic of manifestation to create their own happy ending.

Manifestation as defined by Webster dictionary is: The phenomenon that occurs when something that was once a part of your imagination becomes actualized into your physical reality. Or in other words a process where the energy of thoughts is transformed into the energy of matter. But let’s dive deeper!

In essence, it is the ability to take an outcome or an experience that we create in our mind or focus our thoughts on, such as buying a dream home or finding your soul mate, and have the same outcome or experience happen in physical reality.  So while it is true that we can manifest our desires, you could also manifest the things you don’t want in life by focusing on those things instead. This is why the details surrounding manifestation can be a bit confusing.

There are two types of manifestation: Conscious creation and Unconscious creation. The truth is that you are always manifesting. The life you are living right now is a reflection of your thoughts and perceptions and simply mirror all that you believe. You have created your own reality. If your life is not reflecting a reality that gives you happiness and joy, then you have unconsciously created this by focusing on the outcomes and experiences that you currently have. On the other hand, conscious creation is purposefully seeking to create an outcome you desire by raising your awareness to the creation process. People who are sharing their experiences with manifestation are referring to conscious creation, or intentional manifestation, using certain techniques and a heightened awareness to alter their reality.

Everything Vibrates

We are a part of the Universe, and the universe is within us. We are not separate. It is important to understand this concept. The Universe and everything in it (including human beings) is energy. All energy moves via sound waves using different levels of frequency. Think of an older AM/FM radio set. As you turn the dial and move from one station to the next you encounter varying degrees of sound clarity. On some stations it is pure static, others you hear more than one song trying to come through, and then on some you hear the station loud and clear. This is how all things in the Universe communicate. Now which station of the radio dial are you currently energetically tuned into? Can you hear the song loud and clear or do you still hear static?

law of attraction

In a vibratory universe, we all have the power to create and transfer energy between mediums. Remember energy cannot be created nor destroyed. You simply move energy from that which you think to that which you can hold or feel. This is not a skill reserved for a select chosen few. As a part of the Universe, it is a part of who you are. This is actually represented by the Law of Vibration.

Now, according to the Law of Attraction  like attracts like. Meaning if you send out the signal via your thoughts into the energetic field called the Universe or the quantum field, or whatever you want to call it, you will attract back something of equal energetic frequency. So if you are having low vibrational or low frequency thoughts, you will attract low vibrational or low frequency results. On the other hand, if you send out high vibrational thoughts, you will attract back high vibrational outcomes. In order to truly create that which you desire you must understand that all you desire lies within the realm of high frequency. You need to learn to match that frequency in order to become one with your manifestation process. Now this is only one piece of the vibrational puzzle.

We have established that your energy waves can have a low, medium, or high frequency and that determines what you attract. In addition your waves travel slow, medium, or fast. Now imagine that you are using internet to send out a signal to the universe and on one computer you are using old school dial-up, the second you are using 10mpbs bandwidth, and on a third computer you are using 500mpbs. Regardless of how high or low your frequency is, if you are sending out a signal using dial-up internet, it could literally take you lifetimes to attract the result you seek because your wave is transmitting incredibly slow. However, if you transmit your wave too quickly, change can be occurring at such a quick speed that you don’t have time to process and consciously learn from all that is occurring in your life. So the goal is to transmit quick enough to get results but slow enough to learn from the process.

frequency, vibration

What determines your vibrational speed? Your heart.

Your heart chakra is responsible for maintaining your vibrational speed or rhythm. This where time becomes a part of the equation. Waves themselves have anatomy. They move continuously through troughs which are the lowest points, or the negative, and crests, or the highest points, the positive. The waves not only represents positive and negative, or high and low, but also outside and within. The waves basically are all encompassing and represent the neutrality of the universe. And thus, us as beings that are inseparable from the universe, they represent us. These waves are the vibration of the Universe, but the times you take according to your vibration are represented by different Rhythms. How quickly you vibrate is your Rhythm. If you vibrate at a very low frequency, then you will have a low rhythm. Rhythm equals time. Alternatively, if you vibrate at a very high frequency, then you have a high rhythm.

To break this down, if you have a low frequency which equals a low rhythm, then you cannot expect change to occur in your life very fast. If you are seeking to change your outcomes, then you must first change your vibration. You change your vibration by changing your thoughts and beliefs. As your vibration changes, your rhythm will start to change too. This is a critical step of manifestation that many neglect to develop, but without awareness of this step, you may never manifest the change you seek. 

Limiting Beliefs That Keep You Stuck

Our subconscious mind is the memory bank of all of our experiences, belief-sets, habits, and unresolved emotional traumas. If you are going through life on auto-pilot without consciously creating the outcomes you live, then you are creating out of the habit that is called “you” or past experiences.

If we are habituated into thinking negatively and if we hold onto low-frequency emotions like fear and anger or possess negative beliefs about our own worth, then that is what will be reflected back to us. This will prevent the manifestations of our desires to flow to us, and, we often end up manifesting what we don’t want.   Learning to eliminate your limiting beliefs is paramount to your manifestation process. 

We are What We Attract

The Universe does not respond to or understand wishes for the future. It only understands what is now, the present, and who you are.

According to the first law of the Universe, the law of Mentalism, which is the law that creates all other laws, everything that you live is a reflection of what you believe.  And, everything that you experience is a reflection of what you’re thinking. Your thoughts and beliefs are a part of your mind.  And your mind is not something where you think thoughts such as “I want”, it is something you become. It is your vibration…it is who you are.

When you send out the signal of “I want”, the universe creates a wave of energy of “I want”. So you will always experience the result of “I want.” But you will not actually receive anything other than the desire of “I want”, because you are sending out a wave of needing something.

So when you seek to create something for your future you have to “be” that now. The only way to truly create that which you desire is when the mind realizes that which you desire is “you”, a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs that are in alignment with the outcome you wish to create. You have to become that which you want. Manifestation occurs from a place of what you are, not what you think you want to be.


If you desire to create wealth in your life, you have to be wealthy now. Seek to feel gratitude and appreciation or all the riches you currently have. According to societal standards they may not be large in comparison to what others have. However, the goal is not to compare to what is outside of you. Remember all the experiences and outcomes you wish to create are within you. Seek and you shall find.

If you wish to find love, you have to be that love now. Basically, we attract who we are in the present. You have to wholeheartedly believe, and act as if you are all the things that you desire. If you act and believe that you are poor and stuck, you cannot expect to attract wealth and prosperity. If you lack love for yourself, how do you expect to attract more love into your life? In fact, the love that you receive from others is merely a reflection of the love you give to yourself. The wealth that you receive is merely a reflection of the wealth you believe you have. All aspects of manifestation occur on the inside of you. There is not a single part of manifestation that occurs in your external environment.

Changing Mindset

Ask yourself when was the last time that you just knew that something you wanted was on its way? Imagine you went to the Mercedes car dealership and ordered next years model of the GLS 450, a $120,000 car. Phew! Now that model is not out yet. But you pre-ordered it. So no worries, you will get it as soon as it is available. Do you walk away from the  dealership thinking “heck yah” I am the owner of a brand new Mercedes. I am so excited!! Do you tell your friends and family about your new purchase, and how excited you are for it to arrive? Or do you go home and worry, and question, and second guess whether the Mercedes plant is going to really produce next years car? Will they really be able to ship it to your location? What if Mercedes goes out of business? Oh My! NOOO! You know that it is a done deal. You are happy, excited and just trust the process. This is how you have to approach everything you want to manifest. You have to know that you are dealing with the greatest power to ever be, the Universe. Your sitting down at their dealership and placing an order for next years model. Now know, trust, and believe your manifestation is on its way. And “be”  the person who attracts your desires to you.

The Power of (Self) Love

What we put out comes back to us as a reflection of who we are and what we feel–  this is how it works on our Universe. If we want to manifest a reality of love, joy and abundance then that is not only the vibration we must send out, but the vibration we must be. There is always balance in the Universe. We call this neutrality. Neutrality is the point where positive and negative, light and dark, masculine and feminine, giving and receiving…meet. In order to manifest wealth, for example, you must consciously understand that money must flow through you and not to you. As you receive, you give. If you are unable to give, you will be unable to receive and vice versa.

The point of manifestation is to create experiences for your soul and spirit to experience in this 3rd dimension. It is a part of your purpose, and what this life is all about.


Yes, we have the power to manifest what we truly desire. I say truly desire because we may be a bit confused in this area as the societal model of “the ideal life” might not be what our heart truly desires. Our soul’s desires are actually resting on the threshold of our reality. Just waiting for us to open up and access them. When we are in alignment with our essence, and we are a vibrational match for the things we want to experience  – they will appear in our reality.

In order to consciously use spiritual manifestation to bring forward our desires, we need to release whatever is not serving us. Further, we need to be mindful of what kind of thoughts we are thinking and the feelings we are feeling. We need to take aligned actions toward manifesting our desires. On a fundamental level, we are our habits and if we desire a better life, we need to think better, feel better and do better. However, these behaviors will come naturally as a result of shifting our energy and raising our consciousness. 

I am truly grateful that you have landed on my website and this article. I hope it provides you with the knowledge and clarity you seek. If you got value out of reading this article, please leave a comment below, share with others using the social icons below, and check out one of my free resources here




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