A New Approach to Entrepreneurship

Imagine if You Had Divine Clarity... Knowing with Absolute Certainty How to Grow & Scale Your Business to 6 Figures and Beyond at Warp Speed. ​

Okay, sure we've all manifested a couple bucks or some crazy experience here and there...But what about the BIG stuff.

You Know the Stuff You REALLY WANT!


CONFESSION I Was In -200K Debt & Burnt-Out...With Nothing To Show For It

I was doing all the right things in my business…

…everything the gurus talk about like:

Take Massive Action.

Show up Day in and Day Out.

Stay on Your Hustle & Grind.

I bought course after course…even forking out thousands
for seminars and high-level mentorships.

But after hustling and implementing everything I learned?

Nobody  showed up to my challenges.

Nobody  opted in to my freebies.

Nobody  invested in anything I was doing.

I Gave Up On My Dreams And Cried To My Husband “I Quit!”

Defeated, I returned to work full-time…thinking I was just not cut out for this entrepreneur thing.

Yet before I knew it, those old feelings came creeping back.

You know the ones:

Tired of being told what to do…and fitting my life into someone else’s terms!

My desire for freedom was back in full force, so I set my intention to create a NEW kind of business..

A business where I could have the freedom I wanted…one that fulfilled me deeply (along with my bank account!).

So for the first time ever, I got extremely specific on what I wanted.

I set clear intentions, and wrote them down.

Through this journey of self-discovery, I discovered the SECRET I had been missing all along…

It’s the ONE thing that blocked me from having the successful freedom biz I deeply desired.

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The Secret Is NOT To Hustle Harder - But To Hustle Less

So I made the conscious decision to be happy, get healthy and make myself and my family a priority.

I focused on internal work…like learning how to balance my masculine and feminine energies to unlock my infinite receiving power.

I plugged all the other ‘energy leaks’ that were previously draining my biz.

Pretty soon, the right people and opportunities started showing up.

And almost out of nowhere my website got over 10k hits!

I built a brand that impacts thousands of entrepreneurs like you…

…and I get to do it all while running a lifestyle business that fulfills my soul.

Now my mission is to help overwhelmed entrepreneurs build their dream freedom business – by working a lot less.

“From Zero Sales To Closing 2-3 Deals A Week!” + More Client Reviews...

Luis Torres

– Luis Torres

“Wendy is absolutely someone I wish I would have met earlier in my entrepreneurial journey. She literally pointed me in the right direction in optimizing not just my business but more importantly my life!” 

Samantha Cooney

– Samantha Cooney

“I went from making zero sales to closing 2-3 deals per week and absolutely crushing my 90- day goal! I cannot recommend Wendy enough.” 

Angie Lamano

 – Angie Lamano

“I highly recommend Wendy! She demonstrates a strong knowledge base in the area of law of attraction and I love her passion and enthusiasm for helping others achieve their goals and dreams!!” 

Alan Leung

 – Alan Leung

“Wendy is very passionate and knowledgeable in the areas of law of attraction. She’s helped me learn so much more about the topic and how to utilize it for myself. I highly recommend her for helping others breakthrough their struggles.”

What’s Included In Designed to Manifest?

When you enroll in Beyond Business, you will instantly unlock in-depth video modules, illuminating worksheets, audios and transformative mantras – all designed to get you that much closer to your next level.

This complete training program contains everything you need to access your manifesting power now so you won’t ever have to add more work to an already-full plate!

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Let me show you how to spiritually detox from negative self talk and “toxins” holding you back from living a dream-worthy life. Most people miss this first, most important step to living the life they want: clearing mental clutter. By the end of this module, you will effortlessly shift your way of thinking so that you naturally show up as the best version of yourself.


Far too many people try to make the Law of Attraction work for them, but become frustrated when they do “all the right things” but stay stuck in the same place. The REAL problem is that they aren’t connected to their deepest desires. So they don’t have the “rocket fuel” they need to put the manifestation process in motion. 


Inside this module, we’re going to go deep and uncover what you REALLY want (that you weren’t even aware of!). Then we’re going to work on making your energy match the frequency of your desires so you can naturally get the universe to deliver what you want.

healing - online course meditation

Now that you have completed your spiritual detox and you have clarity on your deepest desires, I’m going to guide you through the healing process. This module is all about plugging the “energy leaks” in your life. No stone will be left unturned. 


By the end of this module, you’ll have a new understanding on how the current state of your health, finances and relationships might be holding you back from growing into the person you need to be to manifest your deepest desires.

healing - online course meditation

We’ve all heard it before: “Success leaves clues.” Well, so do your fears. Many of those fears were acquired and embedded in you as a child. But now, those protective thoughts may no longer serve you. And in fact, those self-limiting beliefs may even be the #1 obstacle holding you back from reaching your goals.


By the end of this module, you will have total awareness around your self-limiting beliefs (most people are shocked at what they discover!). Then we’ll break the chains of those beliefs for good so you can wipe your slate clean and be ready to receive the beautiful gifts the Universe has been trying to offer you all along.


Now, there’s only one step left to get the Universe to deliver all that you desire: Affirm Your Vision and release it to the Universe. Yet this is where most people get stuck. Doubts begin to seep in. They start thinking destructive thoughts like, “does the Universe REALLY have my back?”


In this module, I’m going to show you exactly how to develop unshakeable faith in the Universe, your vision and your innate ability to manifest everything you want. We’ll also take a deeper dive into the meditation process so you can elevate your ability to create a life you love!


Most people talk about the Law of Attraction. But that’s not the only law that matters. The not-so-talked-about but EQUALLY important law is the Law of Action. In this module, we bring it all together.


You’ll learn how to execute my proven formula that incorporates the most important manifesting tools and techniques…so you can raise your vibration and finally call in all that you desire!

Plus, If You’re Someone Who Just Gets It And Who Takes Action
Right Now, You’ll Also Get These Amazing FREE Bonuses...

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Bonus 1
Accountability calls

Get 3 one-on-one sessions with a dedicated accountability coach. These sessions are perfect for helping you  get clear on your goals, and developing a strategy to reach them. These calls are held bi-weekly for guidance, motivation, and troubleshooting.

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Bonus 2
Weekly Q&As

Join me every Wednesday at 7pm  Eastern Time (adjust for other time zones) for a complimentary conversation with yours truly to explore the powerful and transformative world of mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation. During this 45-minute live, interactive session, we will address your questions and curiosities about The Designed to Manifest Course and/or Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery.

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Bonus 3
Manifesting Journal

A beautiful leather bound 5 x 7 journal. Not only does regular scripting help to bring your vision to life, it also makes you feel good and helps you re-live the events you experienced in a safe environment where you can process them without fear or stress.

You Belong Inside Designed to Manifest If You Are...

99% Of Business Trainings Miss These Critical Steps

This is EVERYTHING I wish I had when I first started my business.

All I heard were the same old teachings of “hustle and grind”, but I couldn’t find anything out there that showed me how to carve out the business I wanted by utilising the law of attraction.

This program is the FIRST that brings together the law of action with the law of attraction.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you’ve only thought about starting a business or have been in business for years…

…if you have a dream, an internet connection and a “whatever-it-takes” mentality, then now’s your time to live your life on purpose and impact more lives than ever before!

Finally, Painlessly Transform Into Your Most Abundant Self

Imagine knowing EXACTLY who you are…and being unafraid to prospect and confidently charge your worth…

Imagine never worrying about money again…and knowing you already have everything you need to live out your most abundant life.

Imagine feeling fully supported throughout your journey…freeing yourself of doubt and insecurities.
These are all the things I wish I felt when I first started my business.

Because if you’re anything like me, you’re not in it for the money.

It’s about the freedom and control to live your life on your own terms.

Not knowing this critical information put me $200K in the hole…that’s why I want to give you everything I never had, so you never have to go through what I went through.

So for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I’m going to offer Beyond Business for far less than it’s worth.

If you act right now, you can get in for this amazing price:

The World Needs More Entrepreneurs In All Our Glory

There has perhaps never been a better time to be an entrepreneur.

The consciousness has shifted and it’s finally our time to step into the light.

But most of us need to learn how to access our hidden gifts.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to do together, when you come along and join me right now.

So if you’re ready for your “ordinary life” to end now, then take this leap with me and I guarantee your life won’t ever be the same

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I've never used Law of attraction before. can this work for me?

Yes! A big problem with a lot of Law of Attraction information out there is that it talks a lot about tactics – with little information on how to bring it all together. This course walks you through how to combine the Law of Attraction with the Law of Action to get the results you really want.

Is this program online?

Yes, All modules are accessible online on any device.

I'm new to business. Is this for me?

This course will work for you – no matter where you are in business right now. I’m going to walk you through step-by-step how to unlock your business and sales success by tapping into your full manifesting power.

Do you offer payment plan options?

Yes! There are two different options available. Currently we offer a Pay-in-Full option, an option to pay for the course over time using PayPal credit (you will use the Pay-In-Full check-out link below – contingent upon approval), and one payment plan option which is 2 payments of  $557

Do. you give refunds?

This course will work for you – no matter where you are in business right now. I’m going to walk you through step-by-step how to unlock your business and sales success by tapping into your full manifesting power.

Can you guarantee results?

This course is designed such that if you commit to putting in the effort, doing the work, and completing the course-you will see serious measureable growth. Because I can’t guarantee that you’ll do the work, I can’t guarantee that you’ll get results. This is a program where it’s your responsibility to play full-out at 100% and take initiative in your own success, which is great news because if you are the one in charge of your success, then YOU get to choose how far you want to go.

About Wendy Louise Gerhardt

Wendy wants entrepreneurs to know that you don’t have to build your business the hard way and work 70-80 hours a week with blood, sweat and tears.

When she discovered that building the business of her dreams didn’t have to be hard, it inspired her to go back into business with a purpose.  To help people understand how to build a business with a place of ease and a place where they can be excited and dream again. Knowing they can accomplish their biggest desires and that it is truly possible.

And that’s what pushes Wendy…it’s not about the money.
It really is about the impact and doing for others what
she didn’t have done for her in the beginning.

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