Simple Mindset Swap to Crush Your 2021 Goals


Did you know that according to numerous studies only 8% of people  achieve their goals. It is believed that that 8% represents the amount of the population that actually write their goals down. That means 92% of the population does not take even the most basic step towards manifesting that which they desire.

There most certainly is no shortage of resources, tools, or advice available on how to develop better habits, and set effective goals.

So how is it that so many people still struggle to set and achieve goals?

I think we all can agree that in order to completely commit to creating a desired outcome, something outside of our comfort zone, requires a great deal of energy and dedication.

What if it is not about drawing in what you want that requires so much effort? But instead, is the resistance to letting go of what you think you can’t draw in that is pumping the breaks on your forward momentum?

“Meaning…it’s not that you can’t climb the mountain, it’s that you THINK you can’t climb the mountain and overcoming those thoughts is the most challenging work of all”(Amber Lilyestrom).


So how do move through this resistance?

  1. The reality is that most of us have reached the summit of the mountain in our minds before we even put on our shoes. Eager to get to the result, now, we are focused on a future desire instead of the present fulfillment.

Calling in what you want NEVER is about the future. The future by all definitions does not exist, and frankly it never comes either.

The magic is in the understanding that the present moment is the only opportunity you have to create the live you want. When you are fully immersed in the present, there is no resistance, no lack, nothing to worry about, no despair over the past…

In fact, climbing the mountain in the present is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other. There is no need to focus on the top of the mountain if you are still at the base.

Climbing the mountain of our minds, is no different that the physical act of combing a mountain.


  • Decide which mountain you want to climb, or get clear on what goal you want to try to achieve.
  • Plan for the climb. What tools, resources, or training exercises might you need to prepare you for the climb? Or what supportive measures and habits might you need to prepare you to achieve your goal? 
  • Set a date. When are you going to try to climb the mountain (reach your goal by)?
  • Stay focused on making it past the part of the mountain you are currently on. Don’t get ahead of yourself mentally. 
  • Celebrate where you are, instead of where you are going. When you make past a particularly difficult trek or part of hike remember to feel gratitude for that accomplishment. It is just as important as reaching the summit.


What we need most of all is to embrace the reality that the object of our desires gets to be the EASY part when we make our inner game the point of our deepest focus and devotion.

When we live from this place of alignment, our goals are the beautiful bi-product.

Now it’s your turn…

What’s the resistance to your capacity and capability that is keeping you from reaching your goals?

What changes when you allow the object of your desire to become the easy part and release the resistance created by the focusing on the future outcome versus the present abundance?

When you focus on what you do not currently have, you can’t help but feel lack, and fear that you lack the capacity to call it in.

Focus on the present, and you will release that resistance.

This simple swap has the capacity to change your manifesting power 10 fold.

Do you write down your goals? Comment below and share.

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