Create Your Dream In Just 11 Weeks

Are you tired of spinning your wheels, trying out every single business trick in the book and STILL not getting the results that you need?

Have You ever stopped and thought…

...Why Can't I Get Real Results?

So maybe you’ve tried this whole manifestation thing, hoping to attract your dream clients, hit 5 figure months, and work without hustling for the rest of your life.

Perhaps, you’ve taken a course or two, hired a business coach, and even invested thousands of dollars in your “personal development”.

But…none of them really worked out so far.

In fact, no one is showing up for your LIVES.
No one is commenting on your posts.
No one is following your pages.
And, NO ONE is taking out their wallets.

Sure, you may have manifested a small sale here or there, or a random opportunity dropped on your lap.

Because that’s hardly freedom. What about the things that you really want?

You know, the BIG things!

Wendy Louise Gerhardt

What about the things you dreamed about when you started your business.

More time with your kids…

Traveling the world…

Your Dream House…

Financial security…

Let me be bold and say that…

Everything you’ve learned about making money and building a business is WRONG.

Results DON’T lie. If at least one of these checks out, then you know that the usual “methods” aren’t what they say they are:

  • You’re struggling to commit to a social strategy, a product, or a service that feels right
  • You constantly jump from one project to the next
  • You’ve redesigned your brand multiple times
  • Growing your business feels forced and doesn’t flow naturally to you

I Hate To Break It To You, But Having Zero
Results Isn’t Even The Worst Part...


How about giving up on your dream and never achieving the financial freedom, time freedom or success you so desperately desire?

How about waking up to the same crappy job, the same 2 weeks of time off every year and complaining about the exact same thing 5 to 10 years from now?

Or, how about painfully admitting to every person who ever doubted you that they were right – that you weren’t cut out for this after all? (Ouch!)

So, trust me when I say that it can get worse if you do NOTHING.

And I wouldn’t be saying this if I hadn’t been there myself.

Small Steps In The Right Direction

My Breakout Journey To Discovery

Through my breakthrough journey, I ALSO uncovered what had kept my business stagnant for so long.


And, it was quite an unexpected answer.

I discovered that it was not what I was doing that was holding me back.

It wasn’t the social media strategy…

It wasn’t my funnels (or lack thereof)…

And it wasn’t my branding

I had zero results in my business because of who I was being.

It was when my mindset changed that I:

  • Became Confident and Abundant that sales poured in
  • Took ownership and insisted on keeping my word to myself, which maintained my flow of consistency
  • Focused impact and possibilities over money and notoriety, which clarified my vision

Make the effort and make money...

…Everything You’ve Learned About Making Money And Building A Business Is WRONG!

With the right tools and some guidance, you can
have your own breakthrough too.

You were made to believe all the wrong things about making money and building a business.

But the good news is, just like you learned all the wrong things, you can unlearn them too.

In fact, reprogramming your mind is a pivotal part of the breakthrough framework that I uncovered during my own journey.


I've been exactly where you are

Wendy Louise Gerhardt

Hi, I'm Wendy Louise

I will be taking you through your journey

I discovered powerful methods to shift into alignment effortlessly, heal emotional wounds, release limiting beliefs for good, connect with your highest self, and uncover your purpose…

…All while manifesting your dream business into real life. And… 


My framework for success

Transform Yourself Into The Person You Want To Be

This framework is so powerful, it literally bends time and delivers the kind of breakthrough that took me nearly a year to achieve, in as little as 10 weeks.

In fact, with the guidance, tools, and resources you’ll find inside Soul Simple Breakthrough, you can radically transform your belief system into one that supports success and wealth from the inside out.

The only thing standing between you and the life that you want to live is your willingness to change. Your desire to transform into the person you were always meant to be.

The best version of yourself.

I want to see as many entrepreneurs as possible have their own personal and professional breakthrough, and that is why I created this program.

Soul Simple Breakthrough

Breakthrough In
Business and Life

For the Spiritually Curious Digital Entrepreneur

As Seen On

Effortlessly Shift
Your Mindset

You will be getting

Emotional Healing

Heal Past Emotional
And physical Wounds

Improved Consciousness

Identify with a new
conscious mind

Clarity of Vision

Identify what it is
that you really want

Control Your Thoughts

Learn to create thoughts
from your higher self

Defined Goals

Reverse Engineer Your goals
to make them achievable

Improved Confidence

Turn Self-doubt into


Soul Simple Breakthrough

This 11-week transformation program is more than just another mindset transformation course for business owners…

Inside you’ll learn my Exclusive MIRACLE framework that reveals the critical pieces of transformation that no other coaches or courses are talking about or delivering in the same way.

  1. Reprogram You Mindset
  2. Align You Goals And Actions
  3. Ignite Your Business And Life

Module 1

North Star

  • Uncover Your Unique Purpose and Gifts
  • Identify your Authentic Super Power
  • Anchor your business and foster organizational impact
  • Develop your brand soul vibration 

  • Create consistency and congruence in your messaging, marketing, and product or service delivery

Module 2

Extrao-Ordinary Goal Setting (Part 1)

  • Learn the biology of goal setting 

  • Get clear on the what and why behind your goals for the next 12 months

  • Identify what you have to gain and let go of to transform into the Digital CEO

  • Uncover your unique human design

  • Specific vs Nonspecific manifestor archetypes and how to use that to upgrade your manifesting magic. 

  • Access the ultimate alignment and inner child healing guided meditation

Module 3

Extra-Ordinary Goal Setting (Part 2)

  • Turn your BIG vision into your financial future

  • Breaking down the big vision into more focused micro-goals

  • UP LEVEL your goals MORE

  • Use Your sense to amplify your manifesting magic

  • Intentional action using my reverse engineering technique

  • Dig deep into releasing self-sabotage

  • Use positive intentions to guide your actions to an insane energetic boost

  • My quick, no-fail, method for getting unstuck instantly

Module 4

Vibrational Alignment

  • Discover the two most critical energies for manifestation and how to use them to bend time and get results faster. 

  • Learn how to foster mind heart coherence and synergy to maintain a high vibration even during times of stress and frustration.

  • Meditation: Learn the ART of meditation induction + get access to a guided induction meditation

Module 5

Uncovering Your Beliefs (Part 1)

  • Uncover the invisible blocks holding you back and eliminate them for good.

  • Learn to move from lack to abundance with ease.

Module 6

Uncovering Your Beliefs (Part 2)

  • Identify what your current beliefs are around money, business, and time.

  • Learn to flip your paradigm from “Doing” to “being”

  • Use meditation to lengthen your lifespan, heal your physical body, and rewire your subconscious mind

Module 7

Releasing Fear

  • Learn the biology of fear

  • How to recognize and release it effortlessly so you can eliminate self-sabotage and that “stuck” feeling for good

  • My “no-fail” hack for distinguishing the difference between your EGO and Higher Self. 

  • Meditation to balance your chakras, elevating and maintaining a high vibration

Module 8

EFT tapping

  • Learn this new age technique that uses the meridian energy zones for releasing stagnant and trapped energy. 

  • One of my most highly effective techniques for instantly disengaging the symptoms of anxiety, fear, worry, and stress.

Module 9

Mastering Self-Belief

  • discover the REAL cause of lack of self-belief and how to heal and release it. 

  • Learn how to step into your power with intention and self-integrity. 

  • Create the habits of self-care, and empowering thoughts daily visualization for success. 

  • Meditation to connect with and call in your ultimate abundance

Module 10

Becoming the Digital CEO

  • Learn my top techniques for shifting into alignment with ease

  • Activate your “abundance switch”

  • Learn how to use the power of quantum linguistics to upgrade your influence, income, and RESULTS!

  • Learn the KISS technique (Keep  it simple stupid) to  calling in your dream clients

  • Access meditation to help you surrender to the unknown

Module 11

Empowerment Upgrade

  • The importance of removing undesired habits and beliefs
  • Reshape your perspectives and personal identity 
  • An ultra powerful method to instantly eliminate problems, and regain control over your internal thoughts
  • Retrain your RAS (reticular activating system)  to seek evidence for abundance and positive 
  • Use meditation to lengthen your lifespan, heal your physical body, and Rewire your subconscious beliefs

What you'll get

  • 11 weeks of guided learning
  • Accountability Pods
  • 11 X weekly workbooks
  • Exclusive group membership and support
  • Dedicated Module to EFT Tapping 
  • 11 Guided Subconscious Transforming Meditations
  • Breathwork Masterclass By Rich Ekka
  • Hypnosis Masterclass by Adam Jones
  • The Universal Laws Masterclass
  • Access to wealthy Babe 5 Day-mini-course
  • Scripting For Manifesting Instantly
  • How to create a vision board 1 Powerful Sales Miracle Audio
  • 22 Journal Prompts
  • 11 weeks of healing Affirmations

Valued At: $8,999

One-Time Payment

Save $150


3 Monthly Payments

Pay $382 Each Month

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you will have lifetime access to this course, so you can revisit the modules as many times as you need.

You can post your questions in our Facebook group. Once you purchase this course, you’ll get an email with the link to join the group.

I combine spirituality and science. You’ll be surprised to find that what many of us think is woo-woo, is in fact based on scientific evidence, and I explain this all inside the program. Many spiritual beliefs I reference can also be located in all religious guides such as the bible, koran, Torah, ect.

On the off chance that you feel any of this goes against your religious views, you are most free to apply only what you believe in.

The videos in this course are self-paced, so you can watch whatever you can, at your most convenient time.

Absolutely! This will help you kick off your business to the best possible start and save you from overwhelm, burnout and getting stuck down the road.

I’ve had students who started seeing results as early as two modules in – that’s how high-value this course is if you do act on the steps. But this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t try to finish it. The videos are pre-recorded and this course doesn’t expire so you have all the opportunity you need to finish this course at your own pace.

The only real way for you to get results is to show up and do the work. The process I’m going to teach you has been tried and tested, but you still have to apply it. There’s no way around it. 

100%. While this program appeals mostly to business owners, the practices I teach will ultimately help you flourish in different areas of your life, like your health, relationships and career (if you’re not a business owner).

Any Other Questions? Contact Us Below

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