The Light Versus The Dark Or Good Versus Evil

good versus evil

The Light Versus The Dark Or Good Versus Evil

Understanding the Duality of Our Universe

The classic war between Good Vs Evil

The timeless analogy of the Light versus the Dark. Growing the Positive vs the Negative. The two entities can be observed and related to by everyone, every single person in the world. 

No wonder there’s a plethora of stories, movies, TV shows, paintings, songs, amongst others, released every year with this same theme. Classic movies like T

he Matrix, Star Wars, Harry Potter and even The Lion King harp on this age-old motif.

Even in these movies as we describe them as Good vs Evil, we must understand that there’s actually no Good versus Evil. 

There is Good (Positive and Light) and there is Evil (Negative and Dark) separated and together. These two subjects co-exist with one another and can not exist without the other. 

Without light there’s no darkness and without darkness there’s not light. One must come to an understanding of this concept as you fulfill your life’s journey. The battle, the war, the conflict is an illusion.

the light vs the dark

You Need Balance

You need the Light, just as much as you need the Dark. 

These two entities co-exist to provide balance to your life, and the world as a whole. The duality created by both forces is what provides us with perspective. 

When one is too close to the light, darkness will smack you from behind, in a way you least expect it, to ground you and guide you back towards a path of neutrality, and vice- a-verse.

Do not misunderstand and think there’s no “dark” and there’s no “light”. There is! But they’re not fighting each other, they’re working together to guide you.

Each and every emotion, experience, or belief has a counter-balance. 

When one person sees the glass as half-empty, another may see it as half-full. When one person sees the sun in all its glory, another may see only their shadow growing from the sun’s reflection. 

The key is the understand that these entities that we speak of are not just dark and light forces, but negative and positive perspectives.


Learning From Our Deviation

Simba, in the move, “The Lion King”  was often defiant and overly confident- declaring to the hyenas that he is going to be King and they cannot touch him. 

Yet when the little prince cub saw his father lifeless, he didn’t know how to be King. He was only a cub. He was too young to understand how his actions affected those around him. 

Terrified, feeling loss, and responsibility for what happened to his father-he was ousted by his Uncle. A dark, evil character who wanted the throne for himself and no challengers. To the detriment of the Pride and the land they protected, Simba fled.

The story could have ended right there. Simba gives in. Boom, end of story now let’s get back to the Bachelor. The story doesn’t end there though. 

It is the classic story of triumph over adversity. 

Simba ran away, yes. 

But what was this crisis teaching him? You may have heard the saying before that “it is in the dark that we learn our greatest lessons.” Surely there was a lesson to be learned. 

He learned through this crisis how to be a good person. He learned humility and self-forgiveness.  Slowly he navigated himself to an equilibrium amongst his Light and his Dark, where he was ready to face his fears, confront his Uncle and become King. 


light versus dark

Perspective is Light or Dark


What happened when Simba became King? 

 Was Evil destroyed? 

 Is Light brought to a pedestal? 

 No, Good and Evil live on with Simba, guiding him with whatever next challenge or quest life may bring to him. Now he has a better understanding of himself, which makes him more prepared than ever before. 

Life is a series of experiences to teach us more about who we are and what we can become.

 Understand that the positive energy does represent uplifting emotions, Angels singing, and Brad Pitt’s smile. Negative energy, likewise, does represent pain, judgement, hurt and anger. 

But how would you know that you are smiling if you don’t know what a frown looks like, feels like? 

How do you know you are sad if you don’t know what it feels like to be happy? 

If it wasn’t this way, one would be all and the same. Everything is connected!


Everything is Cyclical

The light and the dark each create their own wave of energy. Like all other waves of energy the waves move from light to dark and dark to light; from positive to negative and negative to positive. These waves are called vibrations and frequencies. Is this starting to sound familiar to the conversations we have had about the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction?

Everything is cyclical to support the duality of life. That cycle is dependent upon your rhythm. That center point, that balance, is your North Star. It is harmony.

 Don’t believe me? I’m willing to bet there’s one time in your life that you are beyond grateful for something bad happening to you that prepared you for another future event. Like a heartbreak.

How many of us have gone through a horrible breakup, with our hearts broken, our tears shedding, our nostrils filled with snot, and we look horrible, we feel horrible, we swear off any future relationship.

“That’s it! I’m staying single…forever!”

Time passes, the wound begins to heal as we are brought back to equilibrium. 

We reflect on the relationship and learn from the mistakes made. All the sudden, you’re in a new relationship. This time, however, you’ve learned from your past and apply it to today. 

You might even be grateful that you are no longer in that past relationship anymore. Your perspective has shifted.


Final Thoughts

Could you say that it was Light and Dark guiding you to this point in your life so that you may be prepared for it? Or is it still a battle of Good vs Evil? 

Learning to center yourself between the Light and Dark is very tough, but recognizing that it’s not a battle but a cooperation is a beginning.

When the Good “wins” the Evil does not simply go away. It remains waiting for the next life challenge to ground you and guide you back to harmony and alignment. 

Trust that nothing is happening to you, but that everything is happening for you. 

And you just might find a more enjoyable perspective of your journey awaiting you

I am incredibly grateful that you’ve found your way to my blog and this article. I hope it provides value and inspiration in your life. If you enjoyed reading this article please share it with others, leave a comment, and check out one of my FREE Manifesting Resources  (home page).

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