The One Reason Your Manifesting Practice Isn’t Working


The One Reason Your Manifesting Practice Isn't Working

So your manifesting practice isn’t working, and you’re starting to wonder why. As the Western Civilization becomes more enlighten, the practices and beliefs of Law of Attraction seem to get scrambled in the transferring of knowledge. We tend to skip, miss, or make-up steps along the way.

Just about all of my students, as if it’s clockwork, get frustrated at their manifesting practice. They gripe their daily excising of Law of Attraction is not working. Nearly all of them forgot this one very important engagement that helps them reinforce their ideals and break useless habits.

Visualization is the key to manifesting. It helps you stay on track and when you stay on track, you get to your goal a lot faster.S

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It’s all a mindset! This is the premise of “The Tortoise and The Hare.” 

Do you have the mindset of the Hare? One who gets an idea, dives head first into it, works for two weeks, achieves one or two things and then restrains him/herself until the project is ultimately put on the “shelf” collecting dust, to be forgotten about until some time later. 

Or do you have the mindset of the Tortoise? One who takes their time at their goal, works hard everyday, never waivers, and ultimately fulfills their wishes and looks forward to their next challenge?

“What happens if I can be as quick as the Hare but with the mindset of the Tortoise?”

Great! I would say you are the first person to do this!

The rare breed of pioneers who have changed the world through their companies like Apple, Amazon, or Google are Tortoises. 

These founders didn’t find success overnight. 

They stayed on track through years of obstacles and challenges. Eventually, crossing their own treasured line of success due to their daily manifesting of wants and needs using their techniques of visualization.


What is Manifestation?

What is Manifestation

Maybe you’ve heard this term before and never gave it a second thought. Maybe you’re still a bit hazy on what manifesting is. So here it is (Also for more in depth discussion check out my article on “What is Meditation? How to Turn Your Desires into Real Life”): 

Manifesting is taking your thoughts, your dreams, your desires and turning it into reality. You can manifest anything. I mean anything. You do this daily already. “I want french fries.” You go and get french fries. “I want to get out of bed” You get out of bed. Okay, okay. I know tis is really small in scale, but this where it all starts.

What we are talking about are life changing manifestation. (But sometimes fries can change my life.) Oprah Winfrey, in an interview, admitted to manifesting, using the Law of Attraction to get her breakout role in ‘The Color Purple.’ Jim Carrey wrote a check to himself for $10 million dollars when he was dead broke. Within three years, Carrey is being handed a check for $10,000,000 to play the role of Lloyd Christmas in ‘Dumb and Dumber.’

manifest money

I’ve used these techniques to manifest new clients, a house, and ten percent increase in my income. 

And so can you! 

Successful people manifest their ideas, creations, thoughts, love, desires and more. People who do not reach their success while manifesting often fail because they cease to… well, manifest.

Why People Fail at Manifestation

The Hare, miles ahead of the Tortoise, decides to take a nap… or gets sidetracked with a new project, or spread themselves too thin; Wanting to take on too many tasks at one time.

The biggest reason manifestation doesn’t work for people is the determination to have results “Now.” By this, I mean, yesterday– Last Year–Five years ago so you can already be onto your goal of buying your first island in Madeira.

Remember, slow and steady, the Tortoise always wins. Another reason you could fail…you’re afraid of success. Which ultimately could pin down why you took on too many tasks, took on that new project you knew would divert your attention, or took a break from your daily routine stating you would do double work tomorrow… to laying it off for several weeks… to having to start completely over.

Let me ask you, does failure feel good? Are you happy where you are now? Why did you even want to take on this daunting task in the first place?

Aha! Why did you take on this endeavor in the first place?

How Visualizations Keep You On Track

There are times when we can get tunnel vision on the finish line and have completely lost focus to the reason. On “Why” we are running the race. If we don’t know the reason behind our efforts, what’s the point?

Which is exactly what starts happening to your mindset. You get lost in you efforts in just getting that extra $1,000 a month, in just buying a new house, or in just writing your first book.

We’ve all been there. It’s when your frustration comes out, “I don’t care! I just want to get it done!”

Notice how there’s always the word “Just.” But that’s for another topic of discussion.

Visualization is a way for you to not only put yourself in the mindset to achieve your goals but it also acts as a reinforcer. It constantly reminds your mind and heart to “Why” you’re doing what you’re doing, when done right.

I wan’t that extra $1,000 a month, SO I can take a grand vacation every year, SO I don’t have to think about money when I leave, SO I can stop beating myself down while on vacation about bills, SO I can truly relax while away.


Ugghhhhhh. The frustration. See how wanting to make more money can keep going down the rabbit hole. In this case, you want to go down that rabbit hole and keep asking “Why.” This all boils down to I want that extra $1,000 a month so I can take a vacation where I can truly relax and not care about finances. So you visualize making the extra dough a month. As if you’re already living in it. Vince Vaughn was once quoted as saying his key to winning the role in an audition is to “act like he already had the role.” Think about that. Think about how your demeanor would be if you walked into an interview believing you already had the job. How different would you be in that room?


At times, in the pain, the frustration, when obstacles and challenges are thrown at us. We break down and forget why are we working so hard.

Fine! “I’m okay with $500 extra month.” “Oh, those shoes look incredible! I’ll take some of my money I’ve saved up and pay for them.” “Oh, I do need a new car and I have been saving money.”

Wait! If you’re able to correctly visualize you’ll be reminded that the money you’ve been working your tail off for is for a great vacation! One where you can truly relax and forget about finances. Now, you’re off spending it on shoes and a new car while making less money than you previously had wanted.

With a strong manifesting game, proper visualization techniques will keep you on course, slow and steady, which gets you there a lot faster.

Techniques Of Visualization

First let me say, you can visualize anything you want OR don’t want. I believe, in whatever visualization technique you use, to really get into the details and live it. To live it, you have to use all of your senses; taste, smell, see, hear, and touch. 

Some will argue against visualization by living it. My argument back — Is does it hurt to take the extra couple of seconds to live it? If anything, it gets your mindset there faster! 

Affirmations — This is one technique you may have heard of. They are usually one sentence statements that you repeat to yourself daily, multiple times a day.

These really help with changing your mindset of negative to positive.

“I make an extra $1,000 a month”

“I am very thankful for all the love in my life.”

“I choose to create joy in my life.”

“I am a grateful participant in my life.”

That last one hits me hard. It is important to remember that we are not victims of our circumstances. We are all participants and can choose how we decide to perceive all that is within us, and outside of us.


These are great affirmations but I have one tiny problem with them. They are vague. True, these affirmations will work over time if you are discipline with your practice. However, I believe they can be stronger by stating “Why” and living it.

Close your eyes and say: “I am not a victim, because I am strong. I am fearless and I am powerful.”

First do you see how more detailed that is? You can be more specific if you want. 

“I am no longer scared of my boss who pushes me around. I stand up for myself.” Now you’re specific on a certain person and incident/s Back to the ‘victim’ affirmation. Close your eyes, say the line and breathe this in. Relax your muscles and all tension. Did an image come up? I’m sure it did. A time when you played the victim, when you weren’t strong and gave into the circumstances. 

You could probably smell, taste, touch, hear and see everything clearly in your mind. And if you can’t, that’s okay! Even the tiniest image is strong enough to get the mind flowing. Say you’re about to go in for a major interview, you’re nervous, tend to tense up in these situations and you become rigid. You can now use this affirmation (if it relates to you) and imagery to put yourself in the positive mindset. 

The second part of affirmations I’ll get to in a moment. You can use as many affirmations as you want and you’ll notice when they are engrained in you, they are with you for life. I do suggest only taking in a handful of affirmations at once though. Remember, don’t be the Hare trying to do it all! Give it a try! It works!

If the words still don’t quite feel true to you, almost like you are faking the meaning, trying bridging the affirmations. Instead of saying “I am fearless” and “I am no longer scared” you could say “I am working on becoming fearless” and ” I am working on longer being scared”. This gives you room to agree that you are neither already to the point of being fearless and not afraid, but a work in progress. 

Serena Williams, Denzel Washington, Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, amongst others, all give credit and power to creating a positive mindset, which all starts with affirmations. You can create your own or google some.

There are apps and books solely dedicated to giving you affirmations to work on daily.

Altered Visualization

This is what I like to call the 2nd punch of the one-two punch of affirmation and altered visualization. It can be used alone but it’s way more powerful if you use it after an affirmation. 

In the example of the ‘Victim’ affirmation we started to get an old image in our head. One from the past, one that we lived. This visualization technique takes that past memory further and allows you to change the outcome. You’re preparing your mind for a better outcome the next time you come into that situation. 

We do this all the time already! But with the given moment to sit and relax with your thoughts, you can fully grasp your perspective and turn it into positivity. 

Relive that moment, remember to gather all of your senses. Get specific. What’s in the room? Whose wearing what? Did you hear an ambulance whirling by? An annoying laughter? Rain? 

Change the outcome and this will better prepare you for the next opportunity. The most important part is when you finish an altered visualization — Explain why it ended the way you put it in your mind. Remember you

Receptive Visualization

– I love this technique. I love it. I love it. I love it! This exercise allows you to fully immerse yourself into your thoughts and creativity. 

This one works similar to Altered Visualization except this time you’re placing yourself in a scene you have never been in before. You’re conjuring up the future. 

This can go hand in hand with Affirmations. Take the “Victim” statement and now truly create the interview scenario. Think of it as a movie. How are you dressed? How will you walk in? Do you look the person in the eyes with a charming smile? Do you accept the glass of water? How do you sit in the chair? Are you sitting? 

The great aspect of this technique is not only does it allow you to prepare for the good, it also prepares you for the bad. 

Play it out, every single scenario, over and over. 

“My heel to my shoe broke walking in.” “Okay, I laugh it off and make a joke about my dog chewing everything.” Who knows if this is true, or if this scenario actually happens, but now you’re prepared. Now you come back so fast about a line with your dog chewing, which saves you the embarrassment and the awkward moment. You kept the interview going and maybe built some rapport because “Ms. Interviewer” loves dogs and just adopted one herself — Whose been chewing through all her shoes and totally sympathizes. 

Don’t take my word, follow champions like Drew Brees who does this before every game. Or the greatest Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, who uses this technique to play out every scenario of his goal to stay calm and ready for any expected or unexpected event.


vision board party

Vision Board — This is a very popular technique in the modern western civilization.

However, I don’t exactly give it two thumbs up. Here’s why. I usually hear of someone creating a vision board at a “Vision Board Party.” This when one person gets a group together and everyone brings their own large blank poster and tons of magazines. You skim through the magazines looking for what you want in the near or long term future. Drinking wine and laughing and having a good ol’ time. You see an image in the magazine you like, or one that you already had in mind, and cut it out, and glue it to your poster. By the end of the night your poster is filled with no white space, ready to posted to your wall, or worse, rolled up into your closet. 

The problem is, visualization, manifesting, law of attraction, it’s personal! How can creating your vision board be personal to you when you’re three drinks in and constantly distracted by your party goers? Creating a vision board is a very powerful tool when used properly. Create your own vision board, on your own time, with care, focus and most of all knowing the specific “Why” you’re cutting that image out of a magazine and putting it on your sacred vision board. 

Because that’s what it is. It’s sacred. This is your life. This is how you want to live. This is how you believe you do live. The Hare goofs off. The Tortoise stays on course. 

Meditation — An ancient technique that always gets results is meditation. Meditate daily to get the best results like changing your negative thoughts to positive ones. This is by far one of the most popular and strongest techniques you can use. This practice allows you to slow down, breath and sort out your thoughts. 

Have a problem? Meditate on it. There you will find the answers. Your “Why” is rolled into those answers giving you clarity, stronger focus, and the discipline to stay the course of your manifesting. New to meditation? Learn beginner meditation techniques here


The Hare might work its tale off. Taking breaks, breathers, naps, side projects of any kind here and there. The fury animal might even cross the line of success one day. So, yes, the Hare can manifest, it can be successful. 

Wouldn’t it be easier to stay on track? To have the mindset of the Tortoise? Slow and Steady. 

The reason the Tortoise is the ideal mindset for any manifester is the Tortoise everyday used visualization techniques to remind itself of why it’s pursuing its goal. Visualization goes beyond seeing images and creating positive thoughts. 

One has to use all senses to trick its mind it’s already there–living the thought; See, Hear, Taste, Smell, and Feel. Since it was just May the 4th, I’ll leave you with this great Yoda quote that is beyond relevant to what you seek. In the ‘Empire Strikes Back,’ Luke is being trained by the great Jedi Master, Yoda. Luke’s ship is sinking down to the bottom of the bayou. 

A ship Luke needs in order to leave the planet. Yoda instructs Luke to use the “Force” to levitate the ship and bring it to surface. Luke tries twice (TWICE!) before giving up, storming off, and calling it “useless.” 

Yoda then uses his powers with the “Force” to easily levitate the ship and bring it to shore. Luke stammers in witnessing what had happened, incredulously saying “I don’t believe it!” “That is why you fail.” responded Yoda. How deep is that!? To believe you must see it in your own mind! Hear it, breath it, caress it, taste it and soon enough, you Tortoise you, you’ll be lapping the Hare! 

Tell me what’s your favorite Visualization Technique? Or One you can’t wait to try?

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