The Road to Manifestation (And all Things) is Through Faith

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The Road to Manifestation (And all Things) is Through Faith

Faith is a powerful word that is thrown around for generations. However, few people can define faith. Can you? 

Take a moment and say to yourself what faith is and compare your definition. 

So, what is Faith? How does Faith work? And I’m not talking about having Faith in God’s plan, that your destiny is already made up. I’m talking about the Destiny, the Dream, that is within you, the one you control. 

Faith is a tool of Love. And Love is powerful. Love has done some of the most miraculous things in the world. Without love there is no faith and without faith there is no Country to man, there is no man that walked on a moon, and there is no cure for certain diseases. There is no belief that the pandemic we are now in will end.

What is Faith

In my studies and readings of Bob Proctor’s work, he mentioned his favorite definition of Faith is “The ability to see the invisible, to believe in the incredible, and that will permit you to receive what the masses call impossible.”

It’s his favorite definition of faith and I’d have to agree, it’s mine too!

A story that Proctor shares with this definition sums up faith so well.

He was talking about a group that performs a high wire act, the flying Wallendas, and how one time one of the men were walking across the Niagra Falls. He walks across his wire with ease and when he gets to the other side the crowd is cheering, and he asks for a wheel barrel. The high wire performer takes the wheel barrel and puts it on the wire and asks the crowd if they believed he could walk across on the wire with the wheel barrel. The crowd yells back “yes.” He picks out a gentleman and asks him ‘Do you have faith I can walk across with the wheel barrel?’ and the gentleman says ‘Yes, I have faith in you.’ The high wire performer responds ‘Then get in the wheel barrel.’ Immediately the gentleman in the crowd backed out. His faith was gone.

What a tremendous story on Faith!

How quickly the gentleman in the crowd backed out, without hesitation. One bump in the road, and he changes his mind.

Consider was that really faith that the gentleman had,  or was it blind faith-words with out substantial strength or evidence to back them up. 

You see, faith is nothing something you can see, touch, or measure. It is a strength, a bond, that you create within you that guides you on your path. It is something you feel that cannot be easily broken or diminished, tarnished or forgotten. It lives and breathes through you. 

It gives you certainty in uncertain situations. Faith is not fleeting or convenient. Instead it is supportive, comforting, patient, grateful and understanding. It helps us to hold our heads high when times are tough. It gives us solace when a loved one is ill or passes. It reminds us to get back up on our feet…every.single.time. we fall. 

Faith can quite literally moves mountains…if you believe it can!

"If You Build it, They Will Come"

The famous line of Kevin Costner’s ‘Field of Dreams’ is all about faith. When Costner kept getting these unexplainable voices telling him “If you build it, he will come,” he began to think he was crazy. Too scarred to tell his wife, on the verge of losing his home and farm, he has a vision to build a baseball field. 

Of course, he can’t hide this secret from his wife for very long as one would notice the baseball field being built on their property. Costner has a vision, an image enters in his mind, and he acts on it. He brings this image into the physical world. 

Images and thoughts in our head live in the spiritual world.  You can not physically take your images in your head and touch them or caress them or such. The only way to make a thought becomes tangible is by transmuting them from the way you have envisioned them into the physical world. Which is why some people live their lives and are eventually dubbed a great visionary, like Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein. They are able to take these grand thoughts over and over, what most people would say “Impossible!” and bring them into the physical world. 

Costner goes through many obstacles to build his baseball field. He still does not know why he is building it. As far as he knows, it’s a message from God, and he feels the need to fulfill God’s wish. 

With every bump in the road he could have turned away. Stopped what he was doing. Said “What’s the point?” But he had Faith. He was rewarded at the end of the movie. I won’t spoil it for you if you have never seen it. (But rent it tonight, it’s a great classic)

How is Faith Implemented

Faith, as mentioned, is not physical, it’s in the spiritual world, we can not actually touch, or smell, or see someone’s true Faith.

We can see the result of someone’s Faith, but we can not actually see Faith. So, how do we implement it? It’s not like physically taking a screw driver and tightening a screw. “Boom, done!” No.

1.) You start with your thought, your thought creates the image. That is the first, most important step, because this image must be so clear to create a binding, impenetrable faith.

An easy way to express this is the thought comes before the spoken word. You first think with your thoughts “I have faith” and in an instant you’re saying “I have faith.” You’re not saying, “Faith have I,” that’s not how the thought came into your head. Unless you want to talk like Yoda at which point your thoughts are still creating that structured sentence.

Another story on Faith and Imagery. In college, I was given a book and I can’t remember the name of the book, I have unfortunately lost it throughout my years and I can’t remember the gentleman’s name but I remember the story.

One of the men who built the American railway back in the 1800s, became one of the most wealthiest men of in the world. He was a visionary. Laid tracks all over America, creating jobs, giving a better, faster and safer way to travel in the states. In an interview where the interviewer was seeking to peek the brilliant man’s mind, the question asked was something along the lines of ‘So you had a clear vision of all the tracks, where to put them, what they would look like, the trains, the steel, the workers, so forth….?”

The tycoon responded “Clearer.”

I have always remembered this story. In a time when railways seemed impossible this pioneer had such belief in his clear image that nothing could come between him and his faith.

So, first step is to know that it comes from your thoughts which evolves into an image. The image must be clear or you’ll be chasing an unfocused, fuzzy facade. All this is happening in the spiritual world.

2.) The image you have now formed is being pressed upon your subconscious. The subconscious does not know what is real or not real. Whatever you feed the subconscious, it will believe!

If your image is of a Delorean car that is built to travel time, your subconscious will believe there is in fact a car that can travel through time.

As your subconscious takes on this new image, this new belief, it starts sending out cosmic waves into the universe. Thoughts waves are cosmic waves. These waves start to mix and mingle with everything in the universe that’s on its same frequency.

This starts to get into the Law of Attraction

3.) The subconscious now is moving the thought into a physical form and is using your body, your instrument, to make it tangible. It will become a need and not a want. It will become sewed into who you are that there is nothing that will stop you. 

For instance, I can not officially start my day until I have brushed my teeth and taken a shower. For some of you, you may take a shower before bed and not in the morning. That is your way. Yet, I’m willing to bet all of us brush our teeth every morning. 

faith and manifestation

Have you ever had to delay brushing your teeth in the morning? How do you feel? It’s like something is missing in your life!

A coworker tells you they forgot their watch today, and they feel “naked!”

How dramatic! But it’s true.

This person is so use to putting on her watch, it’s become part of her routine, her subconscious automatically grabs for it and the one day she doesn’t have it, she feels way off.

I know you’re saying this is apples to oranges when it comes to forgetting a watch to building your business, or coming up with $20,000 to pay off student loans, or inventing teleportation. On the grand scale, sure, but the process of thought… to image… to subconscious… to bring to form in the physical world is not different at all.

I Have Doubt

Let me first say, we all have doubt, we all have doubted ourselves and others. The best of the best have doubted themselves.

I’m not in the heads of Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, or Mother Teressa. But I can guarantee you they all at one point doubted themselves. Because they’re human and so are you. It’s okay. It happens, so don’t beat yourself up about it.

I read an interview with Johnny Depp where he said he doesn’t think there is a script he wanted to do where he doesn’t first say “Sh*t, how do I do this?”

Picasso, Da Vinci, van Gogh, all doubted themselves. Stop beating yourself up. You can’t let doubt beat you. The greats I listed above may have doubted themselves for a moment, but they did not let their belief in their image that is pressing onto their subconscious stop. If that was the case, we would have no light bulb. Thomas Edison could have stopped at attempt 349 but, no, he had to do it 1,000 times before he invented the light bulb.

His never waving Faith kept him moving on trying to create the image his subconscious told him is real.

If you are not succeeding at what you’re trying to achieve perhaps check your Faith.

Do you truly believe in what you’re going after. Do you truly want it? Is the image completely clear? Because if you’re not succeeding, maybe it’s not truly what you want. And I’m here to tell you, that’s okay too. 

Sometimes we have to learn in that failure in faith to find the true faith we are looking for. The Rock didn’t make it as NFL football 

player. He was crushed, depressed. Deep down he knew he wanted to entertain. His focus changed to wrestling, which brought him to acting. Dead broke, he had faith this was what he was meant to be doing. Through years of hard work he climbed the ladder and is now the humble, funny, spiritually uplifting persona you see today that makes millions every year for his work.


If Faith is a tool of Love then Patience is a tool of Faith. And Faith will use Patience every single time against you. It will test you and bring you to such extremes you will cry, scream and may even bleed.

One of my mentors growing up once said “If you’re not having a full out cry session at least four times a year, you’re doing something wrong.” This is a testament to your patience.

Some books take years to write, movies definitely do. Four years for Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Twenty-two years to create the Taj Mahal! And I’m waiting almost 10 years now and counting, with patience, for George R. R. Martin to come out with the next installment of Game of Thrones! But that’s a different subject. Patience is a virtue. It does not weaken! Patience can only strengthen your beliefs.

What weakens yourself is your lack of patience which in turn means your lack of faith. If it’s taking longer than expected. Have Patience. Or if you know it will take some time but you’re losing your edge because you can’t wait, like a kid on Christmas morning eager to open presents, have patience, it will come.

Be Grateful

You might implement all the faith you have and not succeed. This may have already happened to you and you’re frustrated. I get it. I was there too. 

You have questions like ‘why it didn’t work out.’ Well, for one, go through the checklist above. If all checks out and you still didn’t succeed. Know this, succeeding is in the trying. And to be grateful for what you didn’t get. 

Sounds weird I know, but think about it. The Rock wouldn’t be The Rock if he fulfilled his dream of being an NFL player. Johnny Depp wouldn’t be Johnny Depp if he succeeded as a musician. Oh and if Sir Issac Newton hadn’t failed as a farmer, well we may never know the Laws of Motion. 

I’m sure all of these guys and others are capable of having full Faith in themselves and what they believe but for some reason they failed at a venture, but they didn’t pout. They got up and found faith in something else. The rest is history. Sometimes you the Universe is making moves you can’t see so that something better can make its way into your life. 

Think of all the things you wished for, but didn’t receive. Do you look back with gratitude that you did not get what you thought you wanted, because it would sacrifice all that you have now? Or are you still wishing and wanting a life stripped of what you have now so you can trade it out for what you didn’t get?


universe delivers


Faith as defined by Bob Proctor is “The ability to see the invisible, to believe in the incredible, and that will permit you to receive what the masses call impossible.”

Faith is a tool of Love which works by first creating a thought which become a clear image that starts to press into your subconscious which uses your body to bring the image into the physical world. 

Without complete faith, belief, in this absolute clear image one will fail at bringing their idea to physical form. 

Having doubt and lack of patience will sabotage your faith as soon as the first obstacle or speed bump is encountered.

Be grateful for what you didn’t get or achieve. Yes, “Failure is the greatest teacher” once spoken by Yoda. But your lack of success might be leading you down the road you truly want or crave for.

So, go through the checklist and if you feel, even .0000001%, of doubt, lack of patience, or not a clear enough image, your faith may be hurting and you’re fooling yourself. But if you have 100% faith, don’t trust me, trust yourself, you can make the impossible…possible.

Did this article resonate with you? Do you agree or disagree? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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