How to Minimize the Dangerous Effects of Negative Self Talk

minimize negative self talk

We all have an inner critic. This inner voice creates dialogue that influences our thoughts about ourselves and the world.

From time-to-time, this little voice can be helpful and keep us motivated toward goals—like when it reminds us that what we’re about to eat or drink isn’t healthy or what we’re about to do may not be smart.

However, this voice can also be harmful. In particular when it evolves into excessive negativity. This is known as negative self-talk, and it can really impact our emotional and mental state of being. 

Left unchecked, this little voice of negativity can block our ability to achieve happiness, success, health, and connectivity. In the video below I dive into my 5 Tips to Minimize the Effects of Negative Self Talk, so You can Release yourself from a state of self-sabotage and begin creating a life of joy and happiness. 

Now that You know What Negative Self Talk is, and how to minimize its dangerous effects on your life you now sit in a state of awareness.  From a state of awareness it is now up to you to take the information at hand and make a choice.

How do you wish to move forward. Do you wish to do nothing and more of the same results? Or do you wish to choose something different, something far better, and more empowering?

You see the way you think about yourself and your life is the result of a choice that led to a habit. You made the decision at some point during your life to think and feel the way you do. Years and decades later, you no longer have to “think” about how you think or feel about yourself.

Your inner critic now runs on auto-repeat–like a broken record.  You just “are” unworthy, you just “are” selfish, or whatever host of negative things you allow your inner critic to say to you. None of which is true.

Just like anything in your life you can wake up tomorrow and choose to choose differently. Yes, it might take a bit of effort at first to lean new habits. But, if you want different results, you have to be willing to do things differently.

Get dirty with it. Get messy. Inner work is dirty and messy. Have you ever gone outside and done manual labor like planting a garden, cutting the grass, pulling weeds, building something with your hands? When you finished did you feel good about the work you put in? Did you feel proud of what you accomplished? Or did you say to yourself, what a waste of time. I should of just sat on the couch and done nothing and not burned any calories today?

Doing work never feels like a waste of energy, or time wasted. It feels good. It makes you feel accomplished. Whereas sitting around and doing nothing often causes regret. I can just hear myself saying things after a day of being lazy, “Uggh. Why am I so lazy? Why didn’t I do something? Another day wasted!” 

Don’t give your inner critic ammunition to continue waging war on yourself. The power is yours. Use it.  

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