Are you pounding your head against the wall because your practice of Law of Attraction is not “working”?

You get up day after day, working your butt off, 12, 13, maybe 15 hours every day to find little to no results? You’re still working paycheck to paycheck? Or you have a little savings, but you’re not the millionaire you feel like you’re envisioning yourself to be.

Where you want to be is on your yacht, working the 5-hour work week, making a million dollars a year whether you get out of bed or not.

I know that feeling. I know that dream.

So consciously you’re practicing your Law of Attraction, which is great, but it’s not working.


Ugh! The Frustration!



LOA doesn't work

You have to look deeper.

What’s deeper than thought?

Your subconscious mind.

You tie your shoes, drive home, brush your teeth without thinking. You just do it. It’s ingrained in our subconscious mind. Almost like muscle memory.

If your subconscious is not being of what you’re doing, then there really is no doing. Thus, you can’t have.

I know it’s confusing, but hang with me. Take tying your shoe.

If your subconscious does not have the commitment to tie a shoe (Be), then you cannot tie a shoe (Do), and the result will end up with you not having a tied shoe (Have).

You want a bigger picture? Okay.

If your subconscious does not have the commitment to make a million dollars (Be), then you cannot DO the actions to make a million dollars and thus you will not HAVE a million dollars.

This boils down to your unconscious identity.

If you unconsciously believe you are not worthy, then you will not be worthy of whatever you are pursuing and end with nothing.

But if you subconsciously believe you are worthy, well then, you are worthy.

You have to be the person first, before you can do the do!

Then you can have.

It’s not I’ll have some money first, so I can do “this” and then I can be “that.”

It is not Have, Do, Be.

It’s the COMPLETE opposite!

It is Be, Do, Have.

So you have to ask yourself…

What is your subconscious identity?

Sit down. Have an honest conversation with yourself. Get to know yourself!

To pull just one limiting belief from your subconscious mind could take a night, a week, months, or more.

But you have to be committed. Notice, I’m using the word committed a lot. It’s going to pop up some more.

This leads me to the three habits you should focus all your energy on forming.

The Step to Change it All!

The habit of Integrity, Responsibility, and Commitment.

Habits are what makes you a million dollars. HABITS! What’s a habit? Something we do without thinking – Something we do out of need more than want.

You brush your teeth without thinking.

And you can’t leave your home without brushing your teeth, it is a NEED!

You’re driving home and 15 minutes has passed and “Oh my god, did I stop at that stop sign back there?” You most likely did, you’re on autopilot, the subconscious mind has done it so many times you don’t even notice your actions.

If you can form your habits appropriately, you can make a million dollars without getting out of bed.

If you can form the habit of sticking to your word, being accountable and dedicated, the world will be in the palm of your hand.

How You Form Habits

Research has show that to form a habit you must go through four stages.

Cue, Crave, Response and Reward.

The amount of time it takes for a habit to fully form could be a day to months, it all depends. The biggest thing to remember when forming new habits is to be…that’s right! Responsible, Committed and have Integrity.

Let’s talk the four stages more in depth.

You wake up and need to brush your teeth.

Cue: You Wake Up – This is what starts your habit. (Be)

Crave: You need to brush your teeth – This is your need.

Response: You brush your teeth – This is your actions taken. (Do)

Reward: You’ll get all the bad taste out of your mouth, feel refreshed and clean – This is your reward to the cue. (Have)

You can apply this loop to everything you do in life. Whether conscious or subconscious.

This is a great tool to reverse engineer to find some bad habits. Or even good ones.

But most importantly, use the four stages to form the habit of responsibility, commitment and integrity.

Work From Your Commitment Not Circumstance

Now you might say, “Wait. I don’t have time to do this,” or “I don’t have energy.”

Well, now you’re working from circumstances…

When you work from circumstances, you’ll get the same mediocre results repeated over and over again.

How long have you been saying I don’t have time and yet…has your life changed?

I’m guessing it hasn’t, which is why you’re reading this looking for answers.

So, here is one answer…

Work From What You're Committed To

So, what are you committed to? What are your values?

Prioritize your commitments, be responsible, have integrity to your word and you will make time – you will have energy.

Something I like to remember is we sleep at night. We sleep to recharge ourselves. So, it’s fair to say we are like a rechargeable battery. The moment you wake up, you start losing “power.”

So place your biggest priorities first. Therefore you have the most “power” to take on the most important tasks to you.

In the beginning of the day, your energy and focus won’t flicker as much as they do at the end of the day.

In The End

The subconscious mind is a powerful tool that might be holding you back and you don’t even realize it.

Which is why your Law Of Attraction practice has not been successful thus yet.

Learn that your habits start in the subconscious mind. You must first Be, to then Do, and finally Have.

When you learn the habits of Integrity, Commitment and Responsibility, the world is yours.

Learning these habits can be difficult. You’ll have to unlearn some habits and form some new and improved ones. But it’s worth it!

During this journey, remember to work from your commitment, what you value, rather than your circumstances (I’m too tired. I don’t have energy. I don’t have money.) to avoid repeating failure.

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