You Are The Universe

You are the universe

You Are The Universe

What I’m about to say might jolt you. It might shock you. It might be the most outrageous thing you have ever heard.

Before you bring judgment onto it. Hear me out.

There are currently two schools of thought on how the Universe came to be, well…The Universe.

Scientifically speaking, long ago before Humans ever existed, before dinosaurs, before mother Earth… Before planets and stars, before anything… There was Hydrogen and Helium. These two elements came together and a big bang occurred. In turn this created other elements. Carbon…Iron…Oxygen and so much more. This is how the Universe was created.

The Universe we live in. Planets and Stars and galaxies were created. There was “star dust” lying everywhere in space. As the planets and stars would revolve around a center (Some believe a black hole) within their galaxy, they would collect up the “star dust,” which was holding all these different types of newly formed elements.

Fast forward to today, we have Earth. With life. 

If Earth was created out a massive explosion of two elements and then started taking form by collecting other elements, then one can say everything you see and feel is made of those same elements that exploded 4.6 Billion years ago. 

This is all scientific and nothing to do with spirituality, I know. 

And before I drop your jaw with what I’m about to say. I feel the need to give you that prelude.

The Universe

So here it is. The spiritual part, the glass dropping, awe shocking, eyes popping, screeching statement. 

You. Are. God. 

If you are made up of what the universe is made up of, then you are the universe, and the Universe and God are interchangeable.

What Does this Mean?

The big notion to understand is your body is made up of these elements, iron, carbon, oxygen, so forth. This is all in the physical world. But your mind, is of the spiritual world. 

Two very distinct subjects. But who is believed to create the Universe? This physical world? Ahem…The God you believe in.

Everything in the world you see is in the physical world. Everything you touch, smell, hear, taste is also in the physical world. You can not physically touch or see or taste or smell or hear your spirit. 

But God, or as I like to call it, The Universe,  is in us.

Everything is manifested from your spiritual world, from your mind, and brought forth into the physical world.



So, if this is the case, then everything you want, love, need, and wish lies within you. 

If everything lies within you, and you have the POWER to make change, to create, to live fully… Then the Universe lies within you.


When you pray, you don’t pray to God to make things right or to change. Well perhaps you currently do, but what you’re truly doing is praying to yourself. To sort things out internally.

 To find answers and acceptance internally. The word “Prayer” in every denomination can be whittled down to ‘having a conversation with oneself.’ Christian faith is to ‘learn of oneself.’ In Hebrew, prayer is cycled back to ‘To judge oneself.’

 God or the Universe, in the modern term, that big something that many of us believe looks over us,  guides us, and gives us hope- already knows what you want, need and wish for. He/she/it does not need your prayer.

In fact in many spiritual circles certain types of prayer is believed to be a practice that eludes to a lack based frequency being projected out into the field. Yet prayer can be a powerful and uplifting experience. 

Prayer can draw people together, raise your spirits, be used to give thanks and gratitude and to provide healing to those who are thousands of miles away. 

Do you think that is because when you pray God he hears you, or because you finally hear yourself? Could it be that you become clear on that which you desire or are grateful for, and send a strong surge of elevated energy into the field. After all this is how we manifest outcomes we we desire, right?

God is within you.

It’s up to you to find the answers within you and bring forth into the physical world what you seek.

'You are not a drop in the ocean, but yet, the ocean in a drop.'

Opening Your Heart Is The First Step

If the answers you seek are within you then why are you looking in the physical world? 

You’re looking to compensate what you feel you don’t have inside of you. This is where you are wrong. Everything…Eve.RY.Thing is already inside you. Parts of you may be damaged or disconnected but it does not mean you can not bring yourself back to alignment. 

We must close our eyes. Tune out the physical world. Stop looking for the answers in the tangible universe and open our hearts. The heart will guide you and give you answers. Some answers might be painful, ones that you don’t like and don’t favor you. 

To become the better you, you must, for lack of a better term, “face the music.” This is where journals, long walks, going for a drive, or even therapy became so popular. Yes, this is in the physical world, however, it’s a route to begin to open your heart. 

Eventually people became so accessible to themselves that they no longer needed a “long walk,” but maybe they prefer to keep that habit.

Sometimes we need tools to pry open the heart and that’s okay. It might have been locked tight for however old you are. This all takes time, which takes patience, which takes faith. 

Converse daily with yourself. I’m not talking you have to speak out loud to yourself triggering your spouse to believe there is something wrong with you. 

Internally, have a conversation with yourself. And if you want to talk out loud, do it! Just forewarn your significant other.

Allow yourself to day dream again too.

I would find a private space, your sanctuary to say, “This is where you go to seek answers.” Seek to learn about yourself. Check out some of my favorite blankets, pillows, and candles to make your space all yours, here

Sit down and have a real deep conversation with oneself. 

Opening your heart is essential, it is the pathway between the physical world and the spiritual world. A closed heart will leave you feeling disconnected, unhappy, unfulfilled, and lost. Why? Because you did not close yourself off to the physical world, you closed yourself off and became disconnected from the spiritual world. YOU ARE A SPIRITUAL BEING HAVING A PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE…not the other way around. Your heart is the key. 


Learning how to create heart coherence can be extremely beneficial in reaffirming your connection with your true self. 


You are the Universe!

The Universe lies within you and you have the power to make change.

We all are products of the Universe, hence how and why we are all interconnected and inseparable. 

Understand, first, that change comes from within and you must then bring that change into the physical world. Looking in the physical world for answers is only to compensate what you feel is missing inside of you. But you won’t find solutions there. Instead you might just more problems that need solving. 

Looking to connect with yourself on a more deeper level, check out my blog on Meditation here

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